Click here to download, print and sign the formal petition to the Ontario Legislature.

Please gather all the signatures you can.  Petitioners must be residents of the Province of Ontario; it is acceptable for petitioners to be under the age of majority.

Please be sure to forward all original signatures to:

Stop Psychotherapy Takeover
279 Columbus Ave.
Ottawa ON
K1K 1P3

“Whereas, the Ontario Healthcare system is experiencing massive cutbacks in services, and costly, unnecessary regulation of safe, healthcare providers that violates the Constitution of Canada;

Whereas, the safe natural treatment industry saves the healthcare system $7-10 billion annually;

Whereas, the Controlled Act of Psychotherapy, passed secretly in 2007 without the compulsory proof of necessity, is soon to be proclaimed in the Legislature to severely interfere with commerce, causing the elimination of the proven safe treatments and massive service interruptions; …”


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