Ontarians deserve the opportunity to make their own
choices about what healthcare options are
best for them and their families

WARNING: The Controlled Act of “Psychotherapy” has been proclaimed
and the College of Registered Psychotherapists’
witch hunt against holistic practitioners has begun.

 The College is defining ‘psychotherapy’ as all human-to-human relationship:  click here for their April 2018 statement

(Before you are harassed and/or charged be sure to read the document
that was sent to the Health Minister re: human rights violations and fraud here,
so that you are well equipped.  It explains what you can say to any Judge.)


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Synopsis: How the Psychotherapy Laws Came About


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Claim of Recognition and Understanding sent to Minister of Health June 2017
Subject: Administration of Justice: Regulated Health Professions Act (Ontario)

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Holistic, Traditional, Energy And Spiritual Care Practitioners Are:

Proven safe, often with decades of training and education in their chosen field.

Offering time-tested treatments, some originating as far back as thousands of years.

Increasingly preferred by the public who walk past ‘free’ healthcare to pay out-of-pocket.

Free of damaging mental health diagnoses or brain-damaging drugs.

Educating the public in self-care, natural lifestyle and natural healthcare.

Free of all coercion, forced admissions and treatment by collusion with insurers and the government.

Not known to have ever been involved in scandals, sexual abuse.

Unregulated because they are safe—therefore exorbitant College fees are not passed to the patient/client.

Costing the taxpayer ZERO dollars.

Save the Ontario Healthcare system $7-10 billion annually.

Paying HST, property taxes and income tax and contributing to community.

Treating clients as equals and important, valued human beings.

So, why is Premier Wynne working so hard to eliminate 10,000 holistic and mental health professionals from Ontario (mostly women) — to the point of passing unlawful legislation and undermining our democracy?

cartoonforSPTYogaArrestPrecisely because we are all of the above!

Medical supremacists do not ever want competition or the public to be able to compare outcomes of the slash/burn/drug approach with natural, dignified, effective, life-giving natural health approaches and education.

The medical/pharmaceutical industry cannot allow the public to make their own decisions, get well and healthy, and especially they cannot allow people to learn the healthcare horrors caused by those who want full control of what they see as their commodity to profit from…YOU and US.

When healthcare professionals are unregulated, they can tell you the truth. When they are regulated for no reason but to assert control, they are fully gagged…as we see just happened with Naturopaths who are now prescribing drugs and prevented from telling you the TRUTH about pharmaceutical products, such as vaccine damage.

Psychiatrists are drugging newborns by the tens of thousands, drugging and permanently brain-damaging toddlers and school children by the millions and are now pushing to bring back brain-damaging electroshock. There is not a single iota of science to back their claims and no evidence of any improvement in their patient’s situation.

Meanwhile psychologists and psychiatrists are pushing to have daydreaming, and our determination to eat healthy, added as mental illness diagnoses. And you are listed as ‘non-compliant with treatment’ if you no longer want to continue treatments that are damaging you.

Trade deals are ensuring that all foods, such as garlic, will be available by prescription only (just as Vitamin D is now).

With your help, we can stop this madness together.

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