It wasn’t enough to threaten holistic workers with jail time and massive fines for treating others with safe, effective natural treatments, WITHOUT ANY PROOF THAT THEY PUT THE PUBLIC AT SERIOUS RISK OF HARM as required by our Constitution.

Now these Colleges want full, unrestricted access to workplaces and financial and patient records, without a search warrant and in violation of basic rights!

Colleges are planning to regulate all clinics, with clinics now defined as one or more persons providing any healthcare services in any location.

The speech below was given by an SPT Co-founder at the Clinic Regulation Meeting, Ottawa, Dec 1, 2015.  It received a long, resounding applause from the many attendees.

If you are in the Brampton area, please be sure to register and attend the Dec. 9th consultation meeting, and voice your objections to this further unconstitutional attack on safe, natural healthcare.  When registering, please be aware that if you identify yourself as a practitioner or clinic owner you will most certainly be added to their hit list.  You may simply select ‘Member of the Public’.

You may download the speech by clicking here.

Click here to see alarming slides from the Clinic Regulation Working Group’s Webinar.