Click here to download SPT’s February 2016 letter to Premier Wynne.  Versions of this letter were also sent to Ontario Health Minister Dr. Eric Hoskins and a group of MOHLTC Policy Analysts.


Dear Premier Wynne:

We are writing to draw your attention to the matter unfolding with the impending proclamation of the unlawful controlled act of psychotherapy at the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care. We respectfully request that you immediately instruct your Minister of Health to refrain from proclaiming the controlled act of psychotherapy, a component of the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991.

Because the psychotherapy legislation, once proclaimed, will have a devastating impact on millions of Ontarians, and thousands of valued healthcare practitioners – a large proportion of whom are women – we are making this appeal directly to you.

Considering the lack of transparency in the process, the failure to bring clarity to the scope, lawfulness and effect of the controlled act of psychotherapy legislation to be proclaimed any day now, and the inability to gain consensus among the parties impacted by the legislation, it is imperative that this unfair process, and in particular the impending proclamation of the controlled act of psychotherapy cease. It is imperative that unjust legislation be set aside…