Click on the link below to open to the appendix in the Dictionary of Clinical Psychology (first edition, 2013) that lists over 300 ‘psychotherapy approaches’. 

When reading this list, keep in mind that:

  • all approaches involve one or more “psychotherapy techniques”;
  • the APA’s list has been growing rapidly since 2006 when plans for this takeover were seeded, and can be updated at any time;
  • the College may also make use of other references materials, described here, that list even more ‘psychotherapy’ approaches;
  • “reflective listening” and “active listening” are examples of commonly used “psychotherapy” communication techniques;
  • according to Ontario’s Psychotherapy Act, “psychotherapy” includes both verbal and non-verbal communication.

Just a few examples from the APA’s list are:

• Exercise Therapy (includes exercise for prevention)
• Holistic Education
• Vitamin and Mineral Therapy
• Transcendence Therapy
• Light Therapy
• Dance Therapy
• Art Therapy
• Music Therapy

Click here: Definition Psychotherapeutic Techniques from the APA’s Dictionary of Clinical Psychology (appendix, 2013, first edition).

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