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The faster we reach our legal fund goal of $120,000, the sooner all this will be behind us!  ALL donations are deeply appreciated, no matter how big or small, every dollar helps. Thank you!

More Ways to Help Preserve Our Freedom

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3 Sign the Formal Petition to the ON Legislature (this is separate from the petition – please sign both)

4 Sign the petition

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7 Help get the word out

8 Volunteer

9 We’d love to hear from you

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Sign the petition
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Send a pre-formed letter to your MPP
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Send a pre-formed letter to the Health Minister
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——————————————————————————————————————————————Help get the word out
Let everyone know that our freedoms of choice in health care, of speech and of association have been eliminated by this new legislation.  Ask your community to add their voices to reclaim their freedom of choice!

  • Send out emails to your friends, colleagues and your community
    With links to our the legal opinion, flyer/poster, badge
    Supply this link to the SPT homepage:
  • Add an SPT link and/or graphic to your website.
    Link to downloadable artwork
    Supply the link to the SPT homepage:
  • Get the word out through Social Media
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    Supply the link to the SPT homepage:
    Click here for the SPT flyer/poster
  • Hand out SPT fliers at events, gatherings, trade shows, health food stores and restaurants, everywhere and anywhere you possibly can.
    Link to the SPT flyer/poster

        Additional Suggestions for Practitioners….

  • Inform your clients/patients that our freedom to choose has been eliminated.
    Post the flyer in your office, at school, on your gym bulletin board… anywhere and everywhere
    Link to the SPT flyer/poster
  • Inspire your clients to get involved.
    Direct them to the SPT website where they can discover what they can do to help create more positive changes in this situation. Offer a laptop in your office to make it even more convenient for folks to send their MPP letters.
  • Notify your colleagues, especially those who will be affected by this change.
    Direct them to the SPT website where they can learn how they can contribute and assist in protecting our healthcare freedom.
  • Tell the publishers of the magazines you advertise in (i.e. Vitality) to alert their readers about this issue and support Stop Psychotherapy Takeover’s efforts.

We need your talents!
We need volunteers to help us get the word out! Good with Social Media?  With fundraising?  We can use your help.  Do you enjoy manning tables at various events and/or handing out flyers and information …your passion will help immensely!

  • Web Developer
  • Graphic Designer
    • Brochures
    • Artwork to be used on the website
  • Fund Raisers
    • To head a fund-raising campaign
    • To get volunteers to set up SPT parties, talk with practitioners to get them collecting contributions from their clients, etc.
  • Social Media
  • Copywriters
    • For emails
    • For website articles
    • For brochures
  • Public Relations Specialists
  • Printers
    • We’re in need of printers who would work pro bono in return for advertising on the printed pieces as well as the our website

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We’d love to hear from you
Please leave your comments at our website blog page and/or our Petition  and/or send us your stories or client stories of success with natural therapies.