Who is Affected?


Ontario residents no longer have medical autonomy and their freedom to choose their own treatments has been eliminated because the practitioners best trained and skilled in providing these treatments are about to be eliminated.

If Ontario’s competition-hating ‘psychotherapists’, along with the Medical Mafia and Big Pharma, get away with this, these laws will be used as a template across Canada and around the world.

How are We Affected?

Any verbal or nonverbal interaction with another person with the intent of holistically educating or assisting them to wellness is now unlawful – unless you’re a registered psychotherapist, psychologist, MD/psychiatrist, nurse, occupational therapist or social worker.

If the controlled act is proclaimed – which could happen at any time, without notice – it will then be enforceable – by the secretive and unaccountable College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario.

Ontarians will face fines up to $25,000 or imprisonment for up to one year or both, for a 1st offence, and $50,000 or imprisonment for up to one year or both, for a 2nd offense, simply for helping one another navigate the bumps and bruises of life.  Your practitioner of choice will risk massive fines and jail time if they agree to treat you.

Tens of thousands of Ontario’s healthcare services and providers, most of them women, will be eliminated.  These natural, holistic, traditional, spiritual and energy practitioners are Ontario’s safest healthcare providers, whom the public is choosing to pay out of pocket 7-10 billion dollars annually.  Our healthcare system will implode and millions will suffer as Ontarians are left with only medical-model options.

Goodbye safe, natural, effective options.  Hello to more demeaning diagnoses and deadly, expensive psychiatric meds.

Hundreds of valued natural, traditional, spiritual, holistic, non-drug options will be lost, including…

• Holistic Education • Exercise Therapy (Yoga) • Reiki/Energy Work
• Spiritual Care
& Guidance
• Transcendence, Zen
Therapy, Meditation
• Hypnotherapy
and Hypnosis
• Therapy • Coping Skills • Therapeutic Touch
• Family Therapy • Vitamin Supplementation • EFT & NLP
• All Counseling (i.e. Marriage, Grief/Bereavement, Pastoral) • Vitamin & Mineral
• Motivational Therapy
and Coaching
• Dance/Movement Therapy • Nutritional Advice • Light Therapy
• Art Therapy • Music Therapy • Body Therapy (including Trager, Rolfing, BodyTalk, etc)

The six unaccountable, medical-model regulatory Colleges whose Members are authorized to do the controlled act will tell Ontarians who can treat them – and how.

Together with the already existing 13 controlled acts in healthcare, the controlled act of psychotherapy ensures that all human life is one step closer to being fully controlled by the medical/pharmaceutical cartel.

There is no choice in practitioner, unless that practitioner belongs to one of the favored groups, because, as history has shown for decades, our government is manned by unelected bureaucrats who work diligently to eliminate non-drug competition.

Given the epidemic of involuntary treatments with drugs and electroshock by those who are unable to provide any legitimate scientific support for their ‘opinions’, everyone should be concerned… very concerned.

Think we’re exaggerating?  Read the Legal Opinion from a Canadian Healthcare Freedom legal expert.


Together, we can protect our FREEDOM of CHOICE in Healthcare