February 5, 2017 newsletter release of interview with an affected family therapist:

The CRPO continues to contradict the advisement of the Ministry of Health authorities which have warned the CRPO that the government had no intention of regulating your profession(s).

See here excerpts of documentation between MOH and CRPO. This  quote in particular from documents received through Freedom of Information Requests makes it clear:

“It has never been the intention of that Act [RHPA] to regulate professionals who, while they may provide services that fall under the broad range of psychotherapeutic techniques, are not necessarily psychotherapists (e.g., marriage counsellors, etc.). Under the RHPA’s overlapping scopes of practice, there is no prohibition against an unregulated practitioner performing services within a regulated profession’s scope of practice.“

The CRPO is therefore acting unlawfully and their insistence that you cannot work unless you pay them a fee is an unlawful, unjustified extortion racket.  Many good providers have refused to join.

Listen to Family Therapist/Marriage Counsellor Theo Selles’ interview with Hugh Reilly, host of ThatChannel, explaining why he refuses to join, even though he meets the arbitrary Master’s Degree requirement.  He is simply not prepared to sacrifice all he has worked for to satisfy the medical-pharmaceutical agenda to monopolize all healthcare and then watch his profession be diluted and eliminated.

Theo Selles is a true fighter for what is democratic and right…no wonder his clients love him.

Know that if you have the courage to stand up for your democratic right not to be extorted, you will save your profession, your hard-earned money and your integrity. Your clients will also know that they can trust you not to diagnose them with a mental illness or share their private information just to satisfy arbitrary College regulations.

The CRPO has threatened prosecution and engaged in further violations of freedoms of speech, association and dissociation, most recently to spiritual and pastoral care providers.  As you can see the demands never end.  Others, such as energy workers have been rejected outright as not having ‘coherent’ education and will be fully prevented from working once the Controlled Act of Psychotherapy is proclaimed.

By November last year, CRPO still had well under the numbers of members needed to financially support the College. Thus the more that professionals refuse to be stripped of their dignity, their livelihoods, their professions and eventually their health and wealth, the more the CRPO resorts to threats and undemocratic behavior.

They are subsuming YOUR profession to manufacture a new dictatorial ‘psychotherapy’ profession, making members pay for the unlawfulness and forcing talented providers to abandon their calling and beliefs.  Membership fees are used to support the FHRCO…a private pharmaceutical front corporation that is dictating regulations to all regulatory healthcare colleges and especially the CRPO–all regulations have as a goal the complete elimination of all competition to drug treatments.

Don’t be a willing victim.  Be one of the true professionals, like Theo Selles, who stand for what is right…the rights and freedoms of all to be free of extortion, violations of our right to provide our services as we see fit.  

Feb 1, 2017 – a sample of Premier Wynne’s hypocrisy!    Reprinted from Change.org Petition — Please add your signature to the Petition

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Ontarians seek spiritual and pastoral support more then ever, as millions are increasingly distressed by successive provincial governments that have created hydro rate nightmares and financial and emotional hardships.

— “Our hearts are heavy with the news out of Quebec City tonight. No one should ever fear worshiping their God in Canada.” Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne.

Meanwhile, her College of Registered Psychotherapists (CRPO), which has decided it will not allow spiritual and pastoral to be provided other than by means approved by it’s administrators, is putting countless spiritual care workers and pastors out of work. 

Cartoon My desire to be well informed.jpg

Wynne’s Minister of Health is forcing the controlled act of psychotherapy on the entire population in order to monopolize all emotional, spiritual and mental healthcare in the hands of psychiatrists, psychologists, registered psychotherapists.

Ontarians are being stripped of their constitutional right to choose their own treatments, including spiritual, and their healthcare providers (info at Stop Psychotherapy Takeover).

Wynne is hypocritically claiming that we shouldn’t be experiencing the very fear and tyranny she has forced on thousands of innocent healthcare providers.

If spiritual and pastoral care workers do not disavow their Christian beliefs and dissociate from Christian organizations that the College does not approve of, they are rejected by CRPO and are in danger of prosecution if they continue to provide service to their clients.

Even before the draconian controlled act of psychotherapy is proclaimed, holistic healthcare professionals are threatened with fines and prosecution for providing valued and requested services.  Unless they are members of the Minister’s private, pharmaceutical-front corporation called the CRPO, they will be prohibited from working in Ontario.

CRPO, of course, is demanding adherence to the medical-pharmaceutical approach involving unscientific mental illness diagnoses, damaging psychiatric drugs and proven long-term harm.  Thus, CRPO-style spiritual care comes with a mental illness diagnosis or two.

The undemocratic act of controlling our spiritual beliefs, pastoral care and eliminating our valued holistic and non-drug professionals is being promoted as ‘protecting the public’.

What we are seeing is the relentless violations of our freedoms of speech, of religious beliefs, of association and of dissociation.

No matter what you call it, any control over human-to-human interaction for the purpose of health and wellness is wrong and she knows it!

But her foreign masters (UN and ICLEI) want us all under full control of the international medical-pharmaceutical cartel by 2030—just 14 years from now.

Feel protected yet?

Join the fight to preserve our rights and freedoms at www.StopPsychotherapyTakeover.ca

Please support our continuing efforts to have this legislative travesty repealed.  For more information:  www.StopPsychotherapyTakeover.ca

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IMPORTANT RELEASE:  January 1, 2017:

The Only Spiritual Care Now Permitted in Ontario is That Approved by the Minister of Health’s Psychotherapy College

An Ontario prison services Chaplain of exemplary reputation released documents showing the level of distress he has suffered over the last two years at the hands of the Ministry’s newest henchmen. Please take the time to read the letter from the CRPO to this Chaplain and his response by clicking here.

This is only one of thousands of cases where those who care about YOU and for YOU are abused at the hands of the Wynne government determined to end all competition to the medical-pharmaceutical drug industry.

Please note that our legal action to halt this government action is in danger of stalling as our funds are running low.  Let us not let apathy and fear prevent us from taking bold action in time…please contribute to our efforts at: www.StopPsychotherapyTakeover.ca

Here is what has happened (short recap)

  • The private pharmaceutical-front corporation called FHRCO (Federation of Health Regulatory Colleges of Ontario,) with the blessing of the Minister of Health, has manipulated provincial legislation to allow psychologists and psychiatrists to unilaterally redefine all drugless health and wellness approaches as ‘psychotherapy’.
  • $8 million tax dollars were spent to set up the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO) under false pretenses that for all intents and purposes is entirely directed by the FHRCO and international agents. Colleges do not provide education or training.
  • The College is not even waiting for the controlled act of psychotherapy to be proclaimed, as it works feverishly at putting some 10,000 valued, safe, authentic and cost-effective practitioners out of work in 2017.  It has unilaterally decided that spiritual care is now ‘psychotherapy’! 
  • The College has admitted on video to harassing and distressing thousands of counselors, family therapists, marriage counsellors, Reiki practitioners, hypnotherapists, Reflexologists, spiritual care providers and energy treatment providers of all sorts, with threats that if they do not join the College now and pay the huge extortion fees, they would be prevented from working anywhere in Ontario later and could end up being ‘court test cases’.  They do not accept energy treatments as ‘coherent’.

 Now we learn:

  • Spiritual care providers must disavow their preferred Christian beliefs and stop sharing their advice, knowledge and wisdom with those who seek it;
  • Spiritual and pastoral care providers must dissociate from at least 3 lawful and legal Christian associations if they wish to work once the controlled act of psychotherapy is proclaimed;
  • Professionals must write an act of contrition stating that the services they presently offer are ‘unethical’; and
  • Providers must succumb to ‘supervision’ of their Christian spiritual teachings for as long as 6 months and if they change their beliefs to that approved by the College, they might be permitted to join.  They must pay for this ‘supervision’;
  • Becoming a member of this College also means the member must give up their training, profession, diplomas, degrees and beliefs to provide services in the unscientific psychologically-based manner dictated by the College.
  • Organizations and agencies funded in part or in whole by the provincial government are now telling their employees that they MUST join the CRPO or lose their jobs, even though their employees have never remotely regarded themselves as engaged in psychotherapy.  Remember, psychotherapy was merely a dying psychological intervention until this scam made it a profession out of thin air and put it in control of all emotional, spiritual and mental healthcare.

We have discovered that this dictatorial behavior was deliberate to satisfy the requirements of the UN Agenda 21 and TISA Trade Deal provisions to globalize control of all healthcare in the hands of Big Pharma.

If you agree that our freedoms are worth fighting for, please contribute what you can at www.StopPsychotherapyTakeover.ca , where you can find links to Petitions, pre-formed letters and PayPal.

~Stop Psychotherapy Takeover team, January 8, 2017


An IMPORTANT letter was released on November 4th, 2014 to all those working in spiritual care of any sort, including grief and bereavement counseling who we had an email address for. Click here to open it now.

IMPORTANT legal rebuttal to false information

TAKE THE TEST news release was sent to all practitioners we had email addresses for on November 26, 2014.

Revealing Canadian Association for Spiritual Care Documents

NOTE THAT THE PSYCHOTHERAPY ACT HAS BEEN PROCLAIMED BUT THE CONTROLLED ACT HAS NOT.  Hard work is being done to prevent the controlled act from ever being proclaimed into force.  As well, hard work is being undertaken to ensure protective legislation is enacted to prevent this sort of attack on drug-free therapies and counseling in the future.

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