Click here to download Attorney-General of Ontario Madeleine Meilleur’s September 2015 reply to a Stop Psychotherapy Takeover letter.

Please take special note of the excerpts shown below in bold, and Stop Psychotherapy Takeover’s comments in brackets.  All underlining is our emphasis.

Ontario respects alternative health therapies and the diverse population interested in different traditions of health care.”  (And yet the general public, including the thousands of affected holistic practitioners, have never been considered or included as stakeholders over the many years of consultations regarding this legislation. )

“With regards to psychotherapists, the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario is being proclaimed without a ‘controlled act’. The College will be charged with bringing the sector (alternative health) together to determine what the ‘controlled acts’ are.  Not proclaiming the controlled acts means that it will remain in the public domain and anyone may perform this activity until the controlled act is determined.”  (In other words, CRPO has no idea who they are targeting or why, but they are free to advise and prosecute once they make their minds up!)

The Ministry will look to the professions to assist with defining what this activity will mean to their members and the public with a view to ensuring that it is clear and transparent, so that patients will understand what kinds of treatment they can expect to receive.   (Incredible!  The Attorney-General is admitting that the regulatory Colleges whose members are allowed to perform the controlled act will decide what treatments the rest of us will all be getting.  Furthermore, the Ministry will make it clear that our treatments will be chosen by these ‘professions’,  and will be limited to what those ‘professions’ have decided we can have.  If a person, even one paying out of pocket for their care, wants a treatment not offered by the ‘professions’, they will be out of luck.)

Click here to download Stop Psychotherapy Takeover’s October 12, 2015 reply to Attorney-General of Ontario Madeleine Meilleur’s September 2015 letter (shown above).