The legislation has 2 parts.


1. The ‘Controlled Act’ of ‘Psychotherapy’ contained in Ontario’s Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA), 1991.

A Controlled Act prohibits anyone from engaging in that specific act, except for those specifically authorized by law.  Ontario’s other existing controlled acts are very specific, i.e. “Communicating to the individual or his or her personal representative a diagnosis…”, “Performing a procedure on tissue below the dermis….”

This particular Controlled Act of ‘Psychotherapy’ is unique in that it restricts the helpful activities of an entire profession – one that engages in all manner of verbal and nonverbal efforts to help another human being.  It thereby prohibits all human-to-human activity for the purposes of health and wellness, particularly in the mental health realm, except when offered by psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, occupational therapists, social workers and now ‘registered’ psychotherapists.

The controlled act could be proclaimed, and thus become enforceable, any day now.

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2. The Psychotherapy Act.

The Psychotherapy Act was proclaimed, and thus became enforceable, on April 1, 2015.

In Ontario, each regulated health profession has a corresponding Act.  The Psychotherapy Act gives the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario the power to make regulations – without public consultation –  that not only control its own Members, but affect everyone in Ontario, including their competition: the safe and effective natural, holistic, spiritual and energy practitioners whose services the public is increasingly preferring and willing to pay out of pocket for – to the tune of $7 – 10 billion dollars annually.

The Ontario Minister of Health has given this College, along with 5 other medical-model regulatory Colleges whose Members are authorized to do the Controlled Act of ‘Psychotherapy’, the power to define the Controlled Act as they wish, and thereby put out of business any practitioners that they wish.


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