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May 27th, 2018

This is one of those times when we really hate to say “we told you so”, but that’s now the situation.

In 2007, the Ontario government passed ‘Psychotherapy’ legislation concocted by psychologists and psychiatrists to create a brand new ‘profession’ out of mid-air in order to later define it to include every possible therapy they wanted to eliminate from the options presently available to the public.  It reads:

Controlled Act of Psychotherapy

14. Treating, by means of psychotherapy technique, delivered through a therapeutic relationship, an individual’s serious disorder of thought, cognition, mood, emotional regulation, perception or memory that may seriously impair the individual’s judgement, insight, behaviour, communication or social functioning.

The witch hunters at the College of Psychotherapy (CRPO) also get to decide if a condition is ‘serious’. 

In our last newsletter on January 9, 2018, we explained how the former Minister of Health, Eric Hoskins, unethically and immorally had the Controlled Act of Psychotherapy proclaimed into enforcement just before Christmas, without the mandatory public discussion period, giving the College full authority to define ‘psychotherapy’ as it wishes.

Think hard about this! First they pass a law that violates all of your human rights and puts you in massive danger of being subjected to the very psychiatric and psychological treatments proven not to work and/or to be damaging, then they get to define what ‘psychotherapy’ is so that any competition to useless and harmful conventional ‘mental illness’ treatments can be eliminated from your options.

Here is the April newsletter statement from the College of Psychotherapy about what will constitute psychotherapy: 

At the meeting on March 29th, Council approved, in principle, the following proposed regulation, Categories of Prescribed Therapies Involving the Practice of Psychotherapy:

 1. The following are the categories of prescribed therapies involving the practise of psychotherapy:

  • Cognitive and Behavioural therapies
  • Experiential and Humanistic therapies
  • Psychodynamic therapies
  • Somatic therapies
  • Systemic and Collaborative therapies

The proposed regulation will be circulated for the required 60-day consultation process before it is approved and submitted to government for their approval.

As you can easily realize, there is NO human-to-human relationship for the purpose of health and wellness that does not fall into one of these categories.  All mind-body (somatic) therapies certainly do.

So while they do not name Reiki, hypnotherapy, spiritual care, art therapy or any of the other hundreds of non-psychotherapies out there, they refer to aspects of human-to-human relationships as ‘psychotherapy’ in order to make illegal and control all human relationships.

Clear-cut communism, fascism and tyranny.  We have all allowed this to happen in Canada.


For 10 years the Stop Psychotherapy Takeover team has listened to psychologists and now newly-coined psychotherapists tell us that they and they alone are suited to treating all issues of thought, cognition, mood, emotional regulation, perception or memory that may be impairing your judgement, insight, behavior, communication or social functioning.

Disbelieving natural, holistic and spiritual care practitioners enquired at the College of Psychotherapist whether their particular treatment was going to be ‘controlled’.

They were told not to worry, that the College had no intention of regulating Reiki, energy treatments or other such ‘natural’ approaches.  So back to sleep went practitioners and most Ontarians.  In fact, the President of the Canadian Reiki Association wrote in one of their newsletters that Stop Psychotherapy Therapy (STP) was fear-mongering and raising money for their own personal use!

Repeatedly, we warned that every human-to-human interaction was under threat of interference because Big Pharma, in disguise as the Federation of Healthcare Regulatory Colleges (FHRCO) was controlling all healthcare Colleges in Ontario for their own ends.

In fact, SPT’s website provided a list of all human interactions that psychologists had added to their Dictionaries of Psychology in 2007 to create the sense that psychotherapy was a legitimate treatment for what ails us.

Meanwhile the Minister ignored our letters, petitions and facts.  

Patrick Brown (Conservatives) even ran interference for the Liberals when he forced his then MPP Jack MacLaren to not read parts of our 15,000 signature petition in the Legislative. 

We laid out the facts, the law and the human rights violations for the Minister in our letter claiming our human rights…he would not respond.  Every Ontarian needs to read it to learn about the rights hidden from you by our corporate government.  

Thousands of people signed our online petition and left comments with their MPPs, to no avail.

We contacted some of the larger wellness magazines to help us warn practitioners and the public.  Some helped for free, others, such as one of the largest, Vitality, responded this way:

Hello STP,
We understand your concerns.

And of course we have a lot at stake too, due to the high number of therapists who advertise in Vitality.

That said, the people I have communicated with at the College assure me that any legislative amendment is intended solely to govern the usage of the word “psychotherapy”, not any other type of counselling. For the moment, I am satisfied with this.

If it turns out that the College was misrepresenting their intentions, which places the livelihoods of other counsellors and therapists at risk, then and only then will Vitality intervene and get involved in lobbying the government and informing the public.

In the meantime, we respect the College’s stated intention of dealing only with the usage of the word “psychotherapy” and “psychotherapist” in regards to the professional standards associated with it, and that it does not affect any other healing professions or therapies.

Thank you,
Julia Woodford
Sat 4/26/2014 12:05 PM

Despite the facts, they have not intervened, yet they cannot deny that all Ontario practitioners and the public have lost their human right to self-determination and medical autonomy.

For important documents, such as letters from the College to spiritual care practitioners demanding they disavow their beliefs and affiliations to Christian organizations before they will be permitted to work in Ontario, click here.

There needs to be an end brought to the corporate governments raiding and pillaging our province and country and using natural-born tyrants to do the dirty-work involved in eliminating natural, holistic and spiritual healthcare professionals.

Regulatory colleges are a home for tyrants posing as those working in the public interest, but in fact, they are helping to destroy our freedoms.

People-United is a group of people from all walks of life working to bring an end to the corrupt corporate government in Ontario.  Healthcare is only one area in which utter destruction has occurred and so everyone needs to get involved.  We will advise when it’s website is ready for your visit…you will not be disappointed.

Contact Me should you wish to assist in recovering our province.

We thank you for sharing widely and for your support.


January 9, 2018

Controlled Act of Psychotherapy Proclaimed: Everyone loses!

On December 13th, 2017 despite thousands of letters, emails, phone calls and petition signatures, the Province ordered the proclamation of the Controlled Act of Psychotherapy into force (Order in Council 2318/2017).

And while most residents were busy with the holiday season, Ontario’s Lieutenant Governor signed off on legislation that puts over 10,000 innocent and valued holistic, natural and spiritual care practitioners at risk of massive fines and jail time, effective December 30th, 2017.

In doing so, she engaged in massive human rights violations, indicating that the entire government structure has ignored legally-binding human rights legislation.  The violations of freedom of association, freedom of spiritual care, medical autonomy, and privacy place thousands of practitioners in grave danger and millions of Ontarians without choice in mental health treatments.

Legislation is now in force that:

(a) violates virtually every legally-binding human right and freedom;
(b) is much like the law deemed unconstitutional in the Texas 5th Circuit of Appeal in May 2016; and
(c) places all healthcare under the full control of medical model/pharmaceutical advocates.

Here is a brief synopsis of the situation:

a) Back in 2007 the Ontario government started a full-out assault on our human rights by passing the Psychotherapy Act and the Controlled Act of Psychotherapy in a huge Omnibus Bill 171 that one MPP noted that they had had no chance to read before the vote.  Some provisions in that Bill, including the Controlled Act of Psychotherapy, were not proclaimed immediately.

We have been working hard for years now to prevent proclamation, always being disregarded and demeaned, kept out of the loop and deemed not to be “stakeholders” even though we, as both practitioners of natural healthcare and clients of other practitioners, are amongst those who will be most effected.

Not even the general public is considered a ‘stakeholder’, although it is their lives and well-being that are on the line.

b) The Controlled Act of Psychotherapy could have died a natural and appropriate death on December 31st, 2017, being automatically repealed under s. 10.1 to the Legislation Act, 2006, for not having been proclaimed within 10 years of having passed its 3rd reading.

Instead, on November 22nd, 2017, the Health Minister posted a “proposal” to amend Regulation 107/96 of the Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA), allowing “for a period of time during which anyone may perform the controlled act of psychotherapy”.

Public commenting on the “proposal” closed on December 3rd, 2017 – in violation of the province’s Regulatory Policy requiring a mandatory minimum 45 day period for public comments.

On December 19th, 2017, the Registrar of the College of Registered Psychotherapists (CRPO) notified those on CRPO’s email list that “The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care is proposing amendments…” — more than 2 weeks after the period for public comments on the proposal had closed.

c) To ensure that his abuse of practitioners and the public would not affect him in the next election, Minister Eric Hoskins went ahead and installed the amendment in Regulation 107/96 as section 7.2 and 7.3, exempting a person from being charged under the Controlled Act of Psychotherapy until December 31st, 2019.

[Note that regulations such as Regulation 107/96 can be amended without a vote in the Legislature, meaning that just as this amendment was added to Regulation 107/96 with virtually no meaningful advance notice to the public, Minister Hoskins also can have it removed or altered after the election without any meaningful notice to the public, in order to ensure that practitioners are put out of work as soon as possible after the election.]

d) Meanwhile, Minister Hoskins had the Controlled Act of Psychotherapy proclaimed, and, illustrating his ongoing abuse of the legislative process, his Ministry of Health’s December 21st Bulletin states that they don’t even know what the controlled act means and plan to figure it out over the next 2 years.

By preventing the controlled act from dying as it should have on December 31st, the Minister has extended CRPO’s ability to torment innocent natural wellness practitioners and coerce them into joining its useless regime of extortion and control.

e) On December 21st, 2 days after their belated email informing of the “proposed” amendment, CRPO issued an “out-of-left-field” email bizarrely stating “As you are likely aware, the Ontario government has proclaimed the controlled act of psychotherapy.”

Making matters worse, CRPO stated that “without a thorough review of a full application, we cannot determine if one’s practice involves the provision of psychotherapy that falls outside the controlled act.”  Once they have an innocent spiritual care or holistic practitioner’s application, they have a clear target for their prosecution.  Many applicants feel they have no choice but to apply in order to continue to earn their living, even though what they do is not and never has been psychotherapy… it is truly a horrible situation!

f) And now beginning in late December (see details here), CRPO, or someone else connected with this scheme, has apparently decided to use these next 2 years to collect information on natural practitioners, by making pretext calls and emails to Reiki practitioners and others that began in late December.

Ontario residents cannot have good health if a dictator and his pharma masters remove their safest and most cost-effective options.

The government knows that people do not have years to spend fighting their way through courts, only to find that the Judges appointed by them do not subscribe to human rights, even though the Supreme Court of Canada has repeatedly stated that the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights are binding on the government and are the inspiration for the Charter.

You were set free of servitude to the corporate “government” in 1976 and ever since then, the government has spent billions to keep you from knowing that individuals are no longer obligated to the government, cannot be forced to pay any taxes, levies or dispose of their resources in any way but for their own ends…and cannot be forced to associate with a corporate regulatory college.

Please wake up to what is happening in Ontario… in Canada.

All political parties run interference for one another; Conservative Party leader, Patrick Brown, even had the gall to change our petition wording just before it was read into Hansard in January without our consent!

We are working with other affected groups (wind turbine, hydro rate victims, parents, senior driver, property owners, poverty) and will keep you posted.

The People must take back the province and we must have a government run by the people, not money.

We need your financial help and your skills.  Contact:  admin@stoppsychotherapytakeover.ca

April 12, 2017

Minister of Health Hoskins Makes It Clear: he has nothing but contempt for Ontarians

Minister Hoskin’s recent behavior in the Legislature should disabuse everyone of the belief that the government works for the People.

MPP Jack MacLaren read our Petition of 15,000 signatures on the record in the Legislature on March 27th, 2017–the only MPP to show any concern about this government’s gross violations of International Law on human rights and our Constitution, 1982.

While MPP MacLaren was reading out his guest list of Stop Psychotherapy Takeover supporters in the gallery and then proceeded to read Stop Psychotherapy Takeover’s important Petition, Dr. Hoskins found it a perfect time to have a fun chat with his colleagues, laughing and paying no attention whatever to what was being said.

A number of our supporters in attendance for the reading of the Petition reported that Dr. Hoskins’ rudeness and arrogance appeared to be designed as a show of contempt for the people suffering his violations of their rights, as though they don’t have rights and healthcare freedoms unless he says they do.

This behavior does not surprise us…after all, he and Premier Wynne, as well as every Liberal MPP and all Conservative, Green and NDP MPPs, except MPP Jack MacLaren, have fully ignored their constituents’ communications, as well as many letters from the Stop Psychotherapy Takeover team.

Another group also had an important healthcare Petition read out just after MPP MacLaren’s, and Dr. Hoskins never broke stride in what observers said appeared to be joking and laughing with a colleague.

We pay these MPPs hundreds of thousands of dollars in salaries and expenses…the least they can do is pretend to be listening to the People…pretend that they know and respect our Constitutional Rights and Freedoms.

If children engaged in this sort of behavior when their teacher was talking to them, they would be deemed ADHD, drugged senseless and punished.  What should be the punishment for an arrogant, tyrannical Minister of Health who behaves this way in the Legislature?

We cannot continue to bring these violations of our healthcare freedoms that put many lives in grave danger without your continuing support.  Please contribute what you can.


March 27, 2017

MPP Jack MacLaren fights for spiritual care in Ontario

Read more: http://www.stoppsychotherapytakeover.ca/mpp-jack-maclaren-fights-spiritual-care-ontario/

March 7, 2017

The psychotherapy legislation (Psychotherapy Act and Controlled Act of Psychotherapy) passed into law by the provincial government in 2007 has always been deemed incoherent, unworkable and a gross violation of the rights and freedoms of the entire population because it not only interferes with, but entirely abridges, the fundamental right of Ontarians to choose their own emotional, spiritual and mental health treatments.What we Don't Know is Hurting Us!

Since the profession of psychotherapist was manufactured out of thin air by a handful of psychologists (Psychotherapy Act, 2007), it then had to define itself.  It did this by quietly changing the definition of psychotherapy from ‘a psychological intervention–talk therapy’ in the Dictionary of Psychology,  to being that of 315 non-drug approaches used by holistic, traditional, spiritual and energy practitioners who certainly never regarded themselves as remotely practicing ‘psychotherapy’.Psychotherapy legislation in Ontario was the result of the pharmaceutical-front private corporation (FHRCO) promoting talk therapy (psychotherapy) as a separate profession from psychology, and then lobbying its friends in the Ministry of Health of Ontario, without any evidence whatever to back its claims, that psychotherapy (talk therapy) was dangerous and needed to be restricted to conventional treatment professionals…psychiatrists, psychologists, registered psychotherapists, nurses, occupational therapists and social workers.

So how did unlawful legislation that violates our fundamental freedoms of speech, religious and association reach Committee, let alone pass into law and enforcement in the first place?

The Ontario Government and the Courts are bound by International Law (International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, 1976), the Constitution Act, 1982 and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms s. 7 to uphold the Rule of Law and the Full Legal Capacity of YOU the individual.

The Rule of Law expresses the individual’s fundamental rights to life, liberty and property. YOUR Full Legal Capacity as a free individual are prioritized over civil law as long as you do no harm to others. The Supreme Court of Canada has upheld this principle repeatedly.   (R. v. Wagner 2015, ON CJ 66, and R. v. Peel Regional Service, Chief of Police 2000, CANLII 228008 (ON SC)

Attorney General’s neglect of duty:

“The role of chief law officer might be referred to as the Attorney General’s…. . The importance of the independence of the role is fundamental to the position and well established in common law, statutes and tradition.

As chief law officer, the Attorney General has a special responsibility to be the guardian of that most elusive concept – the rule of law. …  It is the rule of law that protects individuals, and society as a whole, from arbitrary measures and safeguards personal liberties.

The Attorney General has a special role to play in advising Cabinet to ensure the rule of law is maintained and that Cabinet actions are legally and constitutionally valid.

The Attorney General has broad responsibilities associated with Government legislation. These responsibilities have been described as twofold. One is to oversee that all legislative enactments are in accordance with principles of natural justice and civil rights (see also s. 5(b) above). This is obviously an important and broad area of responsibility. The second aspect of this responsibility is to advise on the constitutionality and legality of legislation.”

Obviously the Attorney General has grossly failed in her duty to us, despite having brought this failure to her attention in October 2015.  We received a response indicating she was in favor of the Minister of Health advising us what treatment we can expect and thereby overtly ignoring her duty to act in the public interest to uphold the Rule of Law.

However, we did note that she resigned by June 2016 and the government continues to abuse its authority against the entire non-drug healthcare industry.

Support our efforts to protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of all Ontarians…for many it is a life or death situation.  If you cannot choose your own practitioner and have access to your preferred treatment, especially when drugs don’t work, how can you get and stay healthy and well?

Write your MPP using the pre-formed letter and contribute to the fight for freedom at www.StopPsychotherapyTakeover.ca


February 5, 2017

Alert: Highly Respected Family Therapist and Coach Speaks Out Against CRPO –Video

The CRPO continues to contradict the advisement of the Ministry of Health authorities which have warned the CRPO that the government had no intention of regulating your profession(s).

See here excerpts of documentation between MOH and CRPO. This  quote in particular from documents received through Freedom of Information Requests makes it clear:

“It has never been the intention of that Act [RHPA] to regulate professionals who, while they may provide services that fall under the broad range of psychotherapeutic techniques, are not necessarily psychotherapists (e.g., marriage counsellors, etc.). Under the RHPA’s overlapping scopes of practice, there is no prohibition against an unregulated practitioner performing services within a regulated profession’s scope of practice.“

The CRPO is therefore acting unlawfully and their insistence that you cannot work unless you pay them a fee is an unlawful, unjustified extortion racket.  Many good providers have refused to join.  

Listen to Family Therapist/Marriage Counsellor Theo Selles’ interview with Hugh Reilly, host of ThatChannel, explaining why he refuses to join, even though he meets the arbitrary Master’s Degree requirement.  He is simply not prepared to sacrifice all he has worked for to satisfy the medical-pharmaceutical agenda to monopolize all healthcare and then watch his profession be diluted and eliminated.

Theo Selles is a true fighter for what is democratic and right…no wonder his clients love him.

Know that if you have the courage to stand up for your democratic right not to be extorted, you will save your profession, your hard-earned money and your integrity. Your clients will also know that they can trust you not to diagnose them with a mental illness or share their private information just to satisfy arbitrary College regulations. 

The CRPO has threatened prosecution and engaged in further violations of freedoms of speech, association and dissociation, most recently to spiritual and pastoral care providers.  As you can see the demands never end.  Others, such as energy workers have been rejected outright as not having ‘coherent’ education and will be fully prevented from working once the Controlled Act of Psychotherapy is proclaimed.

By November last year, CRPO still had well under the numbers of members needed to financially support the College. Thus the more that professionals refuse to be stripped of their dignity, their livelihoods, their professions and eventually their health and wealth, the more the CRPO resorts to threats and undemocratic behavior.

They are subsuming YOUR profession to manufacture a new dictatorial ‘psychotherapy’ profession, making members pay for the unlawfulness and forcing talented providers to abandon their calling and beliefs.  Membership fees are used to support the FHRCO…a private pharmaceutical front corporation that is dictating regulations to all regulatory healthcare colleges and especially the CRPO–all regulations have as a goal the complete elimination of all competition to drug treatments.

Don’t be a willing victim.  Be one of the true professionals, like Theo Selles, who stand for what is right…the rights and freedoms of all to be free of extortion, violations of our right to provide our services as we see fit.   www.StopPsychotherapyTakeover.ca

For more information you can contact admin@StopPsychotherapyTakeover.


January 15, 2017

An Ontario prison Chaplain of exemplary reputation released documents showing the level of distress he has suffered over the last two years at the hands of the Ministry’s newest henchmen.

This is only one of thousands of cases where those who care about YOU and for YOU are abused at the hands of the Wynne government determined to end all competition to the medical-pharmaceutical drug industry.

 Woman standing in Judgement.gif

Please note that our legal action to halt this government action is in danger of stalling as our funds are running low.

Let us not let apathy and fear prevent us from taking bold action in time…please contribute to our efforts at: 


Here is what has happened (short recap)

  • The private pharmaceutical-front corporation called FHRCO (Federation of Health Regulatory Colleges of Ontario,) with the blessing of the Minister of Health, has manipulated provincial legislation to allow psychologists and psychiatrists to unilaterally redefine all drugless health and wellness approaches as ‘psychotherapy’.
  • $8 million tax dollars were spent to set up the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO) under false pretenses that for all intents and purposes is entirely directed by the FHRCO and international agents. Colleges do not provide education or training.
  • The College is not even waiting for the controlled act of psychotherapy to be proclaimed, as it works feverishly at putting some 10,000 valued, safe, authentic and cost-effective practitioners out of work in 2017.  It has unilaterally decided that spiritual care is now ‘psychotherapy’!
  • The College has admitted to harassing and distressing thousands of counselors, family therapists, marriage counsellors, Reiki practitioners, hypnotherapists, Reflexologists, spiritual care providers and energy treatment providers of all sorts, with threats (scroll to CRPO Highlights) that if they do not join the College now and pay the huge extortion fees, they would be prevented from working anywhere in Ontario later and could end up being ‘court test cases’.

Now we learn:

  • Spiritual care providers must disavow their preferred Christian beliefs and stop sharing their advice, knowledge and wisdom with those who seek it;
  • Spiritual and pastoral care providers must dissociate from at least 3 lawful and legal Christian associations if they wish to work once the controlled act of psychotherapy is proclaimed;
  • Professionals must write an act of contrition stating that the services they presently offer are  ‘unethical’; and
  • Providers must succumb to ‘supervision’ of their Christian spiritual teachings for as long as 6 months and if they change their beliefs to that approved by the College, they might be permitted to join.  They must pay for this ‘supervision’;
  • Becoming a member of this College also means the member must give up their training, profession, diplomas, degrees and beliefs to provide services in the unscientific psychologically-based manner dictated by the College. 
  • Organizations and agencies funded in part or in whole by the provincial government are now telling their employees that they MUST join the CRPO or lose their jobs, even though their employees have never remotely regarded themselves as engaged in psychotherapy.  Remember, psychotherapy was merely a dying psychological intervention until this scam made it a profession out of thin air and put it in control of all emotional, spiritual and mental healthcare.

We have discovered that this dictatorial behavior was deliberate to satisfy the requirements of the UN Agenda 21 and TISA Trade Deal provisions to globalize control of all healthcare in the hands of Big Pharma.

If you agree that our freedoms are worth fighting for, please contribute what you can atwww.StopPsychotherapyTakeover.ca, where you can find links to Petitions, pre-formed letters and PayPal.


December 14, 2016

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The only part of the provincial healthcare system that can help people cure themselves of chronic ailments and learn how to get and stay well, is the natural, holistic, energy and spiritual care industry comprising of some 10,000 proven safe, cost-effective and freely chosen and paid for professionals.This industry saves the imploding healthcare system some $14-20 billion annually.  Factor in the savings resulting from having happy clients returned to health or the tangent businesses that thrive from the knowledge and wisdom shared by holistic professionals…magazines, publishers, health food stores, health and wellness clinics and educational facilities, and you have an idea of the scope of damage to our livelihoods, the economy and the safety of our clients and patients if the government is not stopped.

Innocent, valued healthcare professionals are facing 2017 worried that the Minister of Health may have already secretly proclaimed the Controlled Act of Psychotherapy to ensure a monopolization of all emotional, mental and spiritual care treatments in the hands of his preferred medical-model friends.

WE are the only ones who together can get this stopped.  Our patients/clients come to us because they share the same spiritual beliefs and value healthcare education and drug-free treatments and care. Please visit www.StopPsychotherapyTakeover.ca for ways to help.

If the province is telling us we can no longer provide care and help, our patients will suffer.  THAT’s NOT FAIR or what Canada has always stood fo


December 04, 2016

Dear Concerned Citizen,

70% of Canadians take and use ultra-safe and effective natural health products (NHPs); millions learn about these products through the tireless work of the holistic/natural healthcare industry.

The natural healthcare industry has grown to $14-20 billion annually.

We take many natural products and medicinal foods for granted, not realizing that they and the health food stores that supply them are targeted for elimination from the marketplace by Big Pharma through its puppets, Health Canada and the Ontario Ministry of Health.

The Ontario government has taken extraordinary measures to eliminate all natural, holistic, spiritual care and energy treatment professionals who educate and empower the public to get and stay healthy naturally.  That measure is called the Controlled Act of Psychotherapy.

 Natural Health Products are NOT DRUGS.jpg

Big Pharma’s attack on both fronts is not unexpected. Just as safe, non-drug natural therapies have been redefined as ‘psychotherapy’, natural health products (NHP) are now redefined by Health Canada as ‘drugs’.

Health Canada is making the natural healthcare products and medicinal foods inaccessible; the Ontario Minister of Health is making natural treatment education and services equally inaccessible.

RIGHT NOW, Health Canada is taking steps to force new policy on Canadians that effectively eliminate the natural products we have relied upon for thousands of years, including medicinal foods and beverages, vitamins, minerals, personal care products and herbal preparations.  See Essential Reading below for details.

Yes, it is all criminal activity and violates the Constitution, but as you saw with the Competition Bureau’s refusal to do anything about the anti-competition behavior of the pharmaceutical-front corporation called FHRCO that has, for all intents and purposes, taken over the Ontario Ministry of Health and the regulatory healthcare colleges, the Competition Bureau is outright turning a blind eye to Health Canada’s violation of the constitutional rights of all Canadians.


We cannot maintain our health without natural products that have sustained humans for tens of thousands of years.  Natural products, healthy foods and beverage and drug-free treatments are the ONLY way to prevent and cure CHRONIC health issues.

Now Big Pharma is making our decisions for us.

What to do?

Contact your MP about Health Canada and demand this policy to regulate natural products as drugs be abandoned.  Emphasis that the current NHP regulations are more than satisfactory.

Contact your MPP in Ontario and demand that the controlled act of psychotherapy be repealed and the tyranny of the CRPO against natural treatment practitioners and spiritual care workers ends now.

Canada on the Precipice of Declaring all Natural Products as Drugs 

Health Canada Subject To Prosecution For Violating Constitutional Law

November 30, 2016

Are you someone who doesn’t like intimidation and underhanded tactics by Government officials?

You can contribute to a revolution that will change the lives of Ontario residents who need the services of those offering natural approaches to health and wellness –and of those hardworking front-line healthcare workers who are about to lose their livelihoods!

We’ve reached almost 13,000 original signatures on our Formal and Online Petitions. YOUR help would push us over our goal of 20,000 signatures by December 31st, 2016?

Will you help us by convincing your friends and relatives to sign a petition to the Ontario Legislature demanding the repeal of the psychotherapy legislation that hands control of all mental, emotional and spiritual healthcare to psychiatrists, psychologists and registered psychotherapists?

Kindly download the Formal Petition form and collect as many signatures with complete addresses as possible.

Send your sheets of original signatures to the address on the Petition.(Remember, only original signatures will be accepted by the Wynne government, and it’s important not to alter the Petition.)

Also, please access our Change.org petition, then forward it to your friends and family with encouragement to support our worthy cause.

Learn more:  Stop Psychotherapy Takeover

Your help will benefit all Ontarians.

Click Here for the downloadable Formal Petition form, and here to access our Change.org Petition.


With love and gratitude for all your help

~The Stop Psychotherapy Takeover team

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November 28, 2016

When Safe Healthcare Options are Eliminated by Ethically Bankrupt Governments….

North Americans have gotten through tremendous adversity, including great wars and massive economic depressions, using normal human interaction, spiritual care and a variety of safe and effective natural healthcare methods passed down through the generations.

Fast forward to today, and we find practitioners of those very same safe and effective natural methods being eliminated, smeared, harassed, and shut out by the medical/pharmaceutical cartel and their cronies in the Ontario government, while the cartel gets away with causing ever-increasing numbers of horrific drug addictions, disabilities and death.

We can stop the monopolization of Ontario’s mental, emotional and spiritual care treatments in Court…and we need your financial assistance to protect natural treatments for the bumps and bruises of life:  www.StopPsychotherapyTakeover.ca

This carnage is only the tip of the mental-illness creation scheme, highlighting why it is essential that we preserve a strong and accessible natural treatment industry:

  • Children as young as newborns are being drugged with unsafe, brain-damaging psychiatric drugs to ensure Big Pharma a steady supply of drug-addicted future customers.
  • Almost half of children and youth aged 5 to 17 who are in foster care are on drugs, including tranquilizers and anti-convulsants, a government-backed survey has found.
  • Teenagers facing massive unemployment, an incompetent education system and bleak futures are prescribed addictive psychiatric drugs as gateway drugs to ensure future long-term customers for the medical/pharma complex. More teenagers are killed by Big Pharma than by prohibited drugs, study shows
  • In 2014, the Canadian Press reported: “Widespread use of psychiatric drugs on female inmates faces probe: Canada’s prison watchdog will investigate prescription practices after it’s revealed 62 per cent of female inmates are on psychiatric medication.”  By the time of their release many of these inmates are already addicted and brain-damaged, with a greatly diminished chance of recovering their lives.
  • Our elderly are over-prescribed killer psychiatric drugs (antipsychotics and benzodiazepines) to the point where entire bureaucracies are being set up at taxpayer expense to develop DE-prescribing guidelines.  Of course, those preparing the guidelines are from the same groups that over-prescribed in the first place.
  • Severe waiting times for standard surgery such as hip and knee replacements force patients onto highly addictive opioid pain killers and sedatives, which in turn ensure long-term addiction and medication side-effects to be treated by more drugs.

We are asking you to stand together with us in protecting our fundamental freedoms and natural healthcare choices. Natural therapies offer safe, cost-effective alternatives for pain management and emotional hardships.

If you agree the time is now, please forward your donation through www.StopPsychotherapyTakeover.ca  so that we can expand our communications campaign and take this to Court.

Any contribution to our Court challenge is deeply appreciated:  www.StopPsychotherapyTakeover.ca

Other ways to get involved? 

  • Link us with experts across Canada and internationally who can help strengthen our case to the government and court.
  • Sign our petition, which will be tabled in the Legislature
  • Have your friends and family sign up to our newsletter.  Our voice is only as strong as the reach of our mailing list.

Please accept our gratitude for your interest and support.

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November 25, 2016

Spiritual Beliefs are a protected right of all Canadians. So why is the CRPO telling Ontario practitioners they can’t believe what they choose to believe?

The natural treatment industry saves the healthcare system $14-20 billion annually providing services that are safe, effective, drug-free, scientifically supported and non-addictive.  Moreover, this is a stand-alone industry, freely chosen, with services paid for out-of-pocket by millions.

If the province is telling us, as it is doing with the controlled act of psychotherapy, that we can no longer provide care and help, our patients will suffer.  That’s simply not right and goes against Canadian values that have always made a wide range of choices available and personal choice in practitioner a right.

Among the over 300 natural treatment modalities presently offered are those that are proven safe and effective alternatives to addictive drug treatment for smoking, chronic pain conditions, substance abuse issues, mental illness and non-religious spiritual care.

 Hand up-225x300.jpg

According to the Barrio studies in 1967 and 1970, the use of hypnosis for example, far surpasses psychiatric and psychoanalysis treatments as means of effectively resolving emotional and mental issues. 

Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Hypnotherapy, Hypnosis for Pain Management, Reiki, Meditation, Yoga, Reflexology, Pet-assisted Therapy, and so many others have proven to be safe, cost effective alternatives to addictive opioid painkillers and psychiatric drugs.

Two large Fraser Studies have shown that our industry is not only safe, but it helps in so many ways and costs the government nothing, growing swiftly. 

Our patients have come to us because they share the same spiritual beliefs and often their current conventional treatment is simply not working.  They see the value of our treatments and care.

According to the experiences of those spiritual care practitioners who have tried to join the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO) to avoid being thrown out of work the instant the controlled act of psychotherapy is proclaimed, healthcare practitioners will have to sell their souls in order to continue offering their services. 

READ MORE about how spiritual care practitioners must now disavow their training and beliefs to work in Ontario.

We need your help. Together we can make our voice heard. If we don’t work together, this Act will be put into force and we will lose our right to practice in the province of Ontario. 

Our patients depend on us, and we depend on you to help us make our concerns known to Government. 

Please make a small contribution today. Even $5 will help us launch an effective communications campaign that will make it very difficult for the government to eliminate our vital healthcare options.  www.StopPsychotherapyTakeover.ca 

Your support will also help us explore legal action to protect our vital industry. Our patients and Ontario practitioners are depending on us. Will you get on board?

Other ways you can get involved?

 –          Link us with experts across Canada and internationally who can help strengthen our case to the government.

 –          Sign our petition, which will be tabled in the Legislature (use our change.org link)

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November 10, 2016

Is the Ontario Government Deliberately Spearheading a Medical/Pharmaceutical Holocaust?

While the Ontario Minister of Health is openly and quickly eliminating safe unregulated front-line healthcare professionals that cost the system not one dime, regulated professionals are engaged in sexual abuse and child pornography, insurance fraud, murder, and over-prescription of drugs to seniors, foster children, incarcerated persons and veterans, massive conflicts of interests, and substituting their semen for donor semen.

This should give pause to all those who believe the propaganda that regulation ‘protects’ the public and ensures quality care.  History clearly show that unregulated healthcare professionals are more cost-effective and safe.

Did you know that while the medical/pharma practitioners are claiming that unregulated practitioners put the public at risk by being unregulated, in fact doctors, dentists and physiotherapists routinely refer patients to unregulated professionals, but charge the patient as though they had provided the service themselves?  Why?  Because holistic, energy, traditional and spiritual care practitioners are safe, effective and far less costly.

Not only are hospital services being eliminated and patients downloaded to unprepared community care, but any competition to Big Pharma is being systematically eliminated by Minister Eric Hoskins through ‘regulatory capture’.  The ONLY choice he intends you to have is in which type of drug you will get, and from whom.

An international study has dispelled any claims that Canada has one of the best healthcare systems in the world:  in fact, Canada, despite being the most over-regulated healthcare system in the world, is second last of 11 major healthcare systems, with only the USA system found to be worse.  Canadians are one of the unhealthiest peoples (4th from the bottom) and our costs are imploding as we spend more on slash and burn treatments that could be easily resolved with natural approaches. 

  • Repeated sexual abuse complaints against psychiatrists and medical doctors fall on deaf ears at the College of Physicians and Surgeons, and police are often kept in the dark, as complaints go unaddressed.
  • Nurses can engage in abuse of patients and even 8 murders have to happen before something is done. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/windsor/police-investigate-multiple-jurisdiction-death-1.3818887
  • Some 1500 skilled front-line nurses have been eliminated since 2015, while more and more bureaucrats are hired to ‘advise’ and push paper that contributes nothing to the patient’s wellbeing. The Nurse Retention Fund has ‘disappeared’. 
  • Drugs are over-prescribed to seniors to the point of harming and causing them premature death by the millions.
  • Millions are killed and brain-damaged by psychiatric drugs, including foster kids as young as newborns being force-fed deadly drugs for normal reactions to abandonment, abuse and neglect.
  • Tens of thousands of children as young as newborn are drugged with brain-damaging psychiatric drugs for unscientific ‘mental illness’ diagnoses such as ‘anxiety’ and ADHD concocted by pharmaceutical allies in the medical profession.
  • The waiting lists for standard surgeries such as hip and knee replacements are 2-3 years long. Meanwhile, patients are pushed onto addictive opioid painkillers rather than provided safe, effective, natural options such as acupuncture, hypnosis and cannabis to deal with their horrific pain.
  • AND SURE ENOUGH The Minister and his cronies in the College of Physician and Surgeons and the Ontario Medical Association together with private pharmaceutical front corporations (Federation of Regulatory Health Professions of Ontario – FHRCO) are working hard to eliminate all safe, natural options to pharma drugs: http://www.stoppsychotherapytakeover.ca/competition-bureau-submission
  • The Minister put a kibosh on the increasing popularity of Naturopathic Doctors by forcing them into regulation under the medical/pharmaceutical-controlled Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA), and then giving them drug prescribing rights.
  • Traditional Medicine Practitioners (TCM) and Acupuncturists with excellent practices and top skills have been forced out of business by the new College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists through all sorts of violations of their rights and freedoms and enforcement of western medical protocols.  This has left the Asian community in much distress.
  • Nurses now have drug prescribing rights, physiotherapists (physical therapists) are in the process of being given drug prescribing rights and psychologists are lobbying for the right to prescribe psychiatric drugs.
  • The Minister proclaimed the secretly passed Psychotherapy Act that seeks to create a profession out of thin air on the basis of opinion of a few psychologists.  The new psychotherapy profession has been defined so broadly as to include spiritual care, meditation, Zen, pet-assisted therapy and energy treatments.  In fact, all human-to-human interactions are now labelled ‘psychotherapy’.
  • Costing taxpayers millions of dollars, a Psychotherapy college was set up that now threatens professionals with prosecution if they don’t join, but also makes it impossible to join by demanding Master’s degrees, and that some applicants revoke their valuable training and personal beliefs, and only take courses and provide spiritual care as ‘approved’ by the College.  Once a professional holds their nose and joins, they are forced to accept strangulation of their practice: a ban on anonymous treatments, lowering of standards through the allowed sharing of private patient information without written consent, a requirement that mental illness diagnoses are provided before treatment can occur and treatment  must adhere to the medical/psychological model, and ever-increasing extortion (registration and other fees).
  • Private patient information is being privatized:  see Minister’s plans for eHealth http://www.torontosun.com/2016/10/13/docs-have-grave-concerns-about-ehealth-review
  • The Minister is in the process of eliminating 10,000 safe, valued and popular frontline holistic professionals using the Controlled Act of Psychotherapy, which places control of all treatment for emotional, mental and spiritual issues in the hands of the very people who have demeaned and tried to eliminate natural mental health approaches for decades.
  • This provincial government has been entirely taken over by the medical/pharmaceutical cartel.  It is now pushing mandatory vaccines, without any liability on the part of Big Pharma for the damage these vaccines are documented to cause. http://www.hrsa.gov/vaccinecompensation/vaccineinjurytable.pdf

As healthy approaches to life’s bumps and bruises are eliminated by this cartel, Ontario residents will suffer even more ill health caused by conventional medicine.  Medical treatment is now the leading cause of death and disability in North America…the odds are against anyone who has no choice.

We can stop this in the Courts…we cannot protect the freedoms of Ontarians alone…we need whatever help you can offer.  Send your Energy and Prayers for the Highest Good.  And of course all contributions gratefully accepted  www.StopPsychotherapyTakeover.ca/donations

November 2, 2016

We don’t want Wynne and Hoskins ‘protecting’ us…here’s why!

Anything this provincial government has touched, it has ruined.  We don’t want them harming our healthcare system any further.

Healthcare should not be a human sacrifice where the only information you get is that which Big Pharma decides you get and the only treatment options disclosed are invasive, dangerous and often ineffective surgery, radiation and drugs.

We need options and many millions realize that we need to get back to healthcare basics, all of which the provincial government, now fully run by Big Pharma operatives, is eliminating from our lives.

We want our freedoms and rights to choose our own healthcare providers and we want our frontline healthcare providers to be free to serve us without having to sacrifice their rights and freedoms to private corporate healthcare regulatory colleges and their parent pharmaceutical front corporation, the FHRCO, in order to do so.

Support the holistic therapy industry and know that the regulated system in Ontario has never and will never protect you, but it does massively contribute to imploding costs and reduced healthcare services.  Help the holistic community avoid being forced into the Mafia-like regulatory scheme that has entrapped so many professionals, diluting and eliminating successful, safe, cost-effective therapies in the process.

There are many alternatives to becoming a human sacrifice to the medical-pharma profit-making, illness-creation system…!

Unregulated holistic practitioners care about your health.   Please support our effort to ensure we can always be there for you us:   www.StopPsychotherapyTakeover.ca/donations

Holistic practitioners will not divulge your personal information, you can be treated on an anonymous basis if you feel it benefits you and you will get lots of legitimate, health-promoting information to empower you and your loved ones.

The holistic healthcare industry provides refuge and empowerment to those harmed by the provincial healthcare system.  Many people have found good health, vitality and the means and knowledge to get and live healthily by seeking the assistance of low-cost, valued, well-intentioned and trained holistic educators, energy practitioners and spiritual and pastoral care providers.

Tired of being sick, finding out Big Pharma’s medications are making you sick, of not getting any non-drug information from your doctor, of waiting endlessly for basic surgeries so that you can be sold addictive pain killers while you wait?

Are you concerned that the next person you talk to about your bumps and bruises of life will be 1) chosen by the fraudulently-installed private corporate College of Registered Psychotherapists and 2) will insist that you have a mental illness diagnosis before you can have treatment?

Are you concerned yet that the Ontario Ministry of Health is positioning itself to sell your private information to corporations, because your life is now considered its ‘monetized asset’?

Are you concerned that you will soon not be permitted to talk to anyone about your emotional or social function issues without having to divulge your name and personal information and have your personal life details shared with whomever your licensed therapist chooses to share it with?

Are you concerned that bureaucrats in the Ontario provincial government will now decide what treatments you may have and by whom and they will have access to whatever information they want about you?

Our province is now indebted beyond numbers most people can fathom, we experience massive unemployment, frontline providers, including nurses, are being eliminated by the thousands,  many citizens cannot pay their hydro bills, we are over-regulated to the point of having no freedoms and rights left whatever, and our lives have been put in jeopardy on many levels.


October 25, 2016

Now Ontario Minister of Health bites medical doctors…

Some might say this is just Karma at work…medical doctors may be getting their comeuppance for actively trying to eliminate their holistic competition.

However, as medical doctors feel the bite and sound the alarm, we are all affected by upcoming changes to Ontario’s ‘free’ but imploding, dictatorial healthcare system that leaves us ALL out in the cold, paying more and having less choice, especially in emotional, spiritual and mental healthcare.

In May 2016, Wynne passed the Health Information Protection Act giving Ministry of Health employees unregulated access to YOUR confidential patient health records.

Now, with her Bill 41, the Wynne government drives home her delusion that she owns and controls every aspect of our lives. Her latest intrusion is breathtaking, if not life-taking:

1. Access to your doctor will be decided by government employees.

2. YOUR confidential patient health records can be accessed by bureaucrats for any reason. As we told you in previous newsletters, the College of Registered Psychotherapists has already given itself the right to violate client privacy and confidentiality by allowing their members to share YOUR private patient healthcare information with anyone deemed appropriate by the therapist, as long an unsubstantiated note is made in a patient’s file claiming that verbal permission was granted. This same scenario will now happen in all doctor’s offices, except the decision to share will be made by government employees.

3. Funding will continue to be diverted away from frontline care provided by doctors and nurses to instead hire more government bureaucrats. Over 1,500 nurses have been laid off since 2015, while new advisory boards and committees are installed to further bloat the Ministry. You might ask where the Nurse’s Retention Fund went that was supposed to prevent frontline nursing layoffs, but like MPP McNaughton noted, even he can’t get an answer as to where those millions went, but obviously, they weren’t available to preserve the nursing levels. And, as we have been warning, by using the controlled act of psychotherapy, the Wynne government plans to eliminate another 10,000 frontline non-drug professionals.

4. Provincial medical standards will be decided by bureaucrats and politicians instead of by experts. This is already the case: the profession of psychotherapy was manufactured out of thin air, given enforcement powers by uninformed MPPs, with the term psychotherapy to be defined as necessary to eliminate all holistic professionals. Eight million tax dollars were used to set up a private corporation called the College of Registered Psychotherapists so that arrogant, ignorant and useless of bureaucrats can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars extorting ‘membership’ fees from innocent frontline workers, while boldly interfering with the client/therapist relationship with impunity and undermining all Canadian values and freedoms in the process.

5. The government will have control over all aspects of YOUR healthcare with more emphasis on pharmaceutical profiteering then on serving the ever-disabled public.

While front-line providers are being eliminated so that the ONLY option is a pill and homecare, all drug-free holistic alternatives to pills are being eliminated by this same Wynne government, even though YOU pay out-of-pocket for these options.

If you are as deeply concerned about the massive Ontario government interference in our healthcare choices, please help stop Bill 41 by signing the Ontario Doctor’s Petition ( https://coalitionofontariodoctors.ca/stopbill41/#form) and help the Stop Psychotherapy Takeover team in it’s legal efforts to stop the complete takeover of emotional, spiritual and mental healthcare by psychologists, psychiatrists and Big Pharma by contributing what you can at www.StopPsychotherapyTakeover.ca/donations

October 16, 2016

SPT co-founder Grace Joubarne was interviewed on Friday October 14, 2016 by Jurgen Vollrath of ‘Against the Grain: News you’re not supposed to know‘.

Listen here: http://epsilon.shoutca.st:2197/ondemand/dcn/Against%20the%20Grain%20Oct%2014%202016.mp3

October 9, 2016

Ontario Regulatory Colleges = Private Corporations Engaging in Harmful Tactics

We’ve shared some of the results of our research, but there is a lot more to come, as we relentlessly pursue Freedom of Information (FOI) releases from the Ontario Ministry of Health.

Note that we cannot share FOI releases from Ontario’s health regulatory “Colleges” because they are not subject to FOI legislation!

That’s right! The Regulated Health Professions Act has granted the corporate regulatory Colleges a lot more than just “self-regulating autonomy”.

These Colleges are actually empowered to regulate in secret–secret societies given immunity and protection from public scrutiny–and so much power that they can foist what many are calling outright protection rackets on innocent, hardworking front-line healthcare providers with impunity.

This paves the way for a future black market in EFT, Reiki, hypnosis, counseling, spiritual care and all other holistic treatments. The medical cartel is well on its way to driving an industry that saves the imploding healthcare system $14-20 billion annually and providing livelihoods for some 10,000 practitioners, mostly women, underground.

Already, many practitioners are pulling their websites and laying ‘low’ so as to hopefully not become one of the College of Registered Psychotherapists’ threatened ‘test court cases’.

What can we and future generations look forward to? Speakeasys and secret basement meetings with peepholes and passwords? It made illegal to have Dr. Kelly Brogan’s books or share Dr. Peter Breggin’s anti-psychiatry videos? Dr. Mercola’s advice newsletters perhaps no longer accessible? Articles censored about psychiatric damage to newborns and school children, foster kids and the elderly?

The medical cartel’s intention is to make it illegal to access all those wonderful webinars about gut health and gluten intolerance, psychopathy and so-called mental illness. Think convictions for sharing vaccine damage information, or GMO research and statistics showing horrors perpetrated on the public daily.

Getting compassionate energy work or nutritional protocols from soon-to-be-made illegal practitioners who know how to heal so-called ‘mental illness’ without brain-damaging, mood-altering psychoactive drugs will soon carry a higher penalty for the practitioner than break and enter or auto theft.

Already, as reported by the Toronto Star and CBC, police cannot do their job when serial sexual predators ply their trade as doctors, dentists and psychiatrists because these private corporations, such as the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, actually swoop in and collect the evidence first, thereafter withholding it from the investigations.

And if the ‘controlled act of psychotherapy’ is proclaimed, which could happen any day now, even spiritual care treatments will suddenly come under the purview of 6 clandestine medical-model regulatory corporations–especially the College of Registered Psychotherapists–subject to their approval!

Get ready for a mental illness diagnosis to accompany your next spiritual care treatment if you have to see a registered psychotherapist for spiritual counseling because all others have been made illegal.

We can end this covert, anti-democratic, anti-competition, healthcare system that eliminates OUR choice in healthcare and practitioner and puts us all at grave risk, by pooling resources to ensure top-notch legal assistance for the initial court ‘test cases’.

We need your help, including contributions to the legal fund. There are many ways to assist, and of course any donation is much appreciated: www.StopPsychotherapyTakeover.ca/donations


October 3, 2016

Think Your Regulated Treatment Information is Confidential? Think again!

When seeking mental health assistance, there are many reasons to choose an un-regulated practitioner, such as a holistic spiritual counselor, a hypnotherapist, medition or yoga instructor, or a Reiki practitioner, instead of a licensed, regulated practitioner. 

Some of the most obvious reasons are that unregulated practitioners do not assign life-long, demeaning mental illness diagnoses or prescribe dangerous drugs. 

One of the not-so-obvious reasons is this: a regulated practitioner might very well share your confidential and personal information without your permission and easily get away with it.

Let’s back up for a moment. 

In the past, we’ve explained that forcing unscientific mental illness diagnoses on patients and clients is unconstitutional and proven damaging to recovery. We shared how a top US Court has found psychology (and by extension psychotherapy) unscientific and psychology/psychotherapy laws unconstitutional.

And, we’ve shared that an unconstitutional psychotherapy law in Ontario could become enforceable any day, and that it will give the Ontario psychotherapy College (CRPO) complete control over mental and emotional illness practitioners from spiritual advisors to counselors of all kinds.

Now, let’s consider mental health treatment by a CRPO-regulated practitioner.

Most clients who choose to consult with a ‘registered psychotherapist’ in Ontario probably assume that their private information will be kept confidential UNLESS they provide written consent to disclose.  It’s a reasonable assumption, given that regulation is alleged to protect the public.  But it’s no longer the case!

The College of Registered Psychotherapists (CRPO) now claims that getting your written consent to disclose your health and treatment information (which will likely include a mental health diagnosis) is too burdensome for its members.

So, in June 2016, CRPO passed, during an unrecorded meeting behind closed doors, a draft amendment to their Standards of Confidentiality, such that in the future the only requirement for their members will be a note in the practitioner’s file claiming that verbal consent was given, with no proof required whatsoever.

In effect, the CRPO is giving its members the ability to decide what confidential health and treatment information to release about you without your knowledge or consent.  And in Ontario, more and more emphasis is being placed on regulated medical-model, multi-disciplinary ‘care teams’, which further increases the likelihood of information being improperly, excessively and unnecessarily shared.

Thus, there will be NO reliable protection of personal information whatsoever, leaving clients’ information wide open to abuse.   Should a client discover a breach of trust, the CRPO member need only point to their handy note claiming that verbal consent was granted at some point in the past.  It will be the word of the ‘mental health patient’ against the word of the ‘licensed mental health expert’.

This gives full discretion to regulated psychotherapists to share private information with whomever they feel ‘needs’ it, without the client’s knowledge or written consent.  This is inherently dangerous on many levels.

In most situations, a client’s signature could be obtained easily.  Hence, it seems CRPO’s version of ‘protecting the public’ has more to do with leaving themselves wiggle room to violate privacy and get away with it. Rather than hold members to truly meaningful standards of public protection, they simply cite ‘difficulties’ and lower their standards of engagement. 

And these impositions are all decided during secretive, Council meetings that CRPO refuses to record and tells attendees not to record, that are reported on with only the sketchiest of written notes, and where the public is generally not permitted any input or questioning of any kind.

All of this ‘power’ was obtained through psychotherapy legislation that the documentation from the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care proves was invalid from the outset.

We can end this covert, anti-democratic system that eliminates OUR privacy, OUR choice in healthcare and practitioner, and that puts US ALL at grave risk on many levels.  We need only pool resources to access top-notch legal assistance to defend the initial court ‘test cases’ the College of Registered Psychotherapists has threatened against practitioners (see CRPO’s April 2016 webinar).

We need your help, including contributions to the legal fund.   There are many ways to assist, and of course any donation is much appreciated:    www.StopPsychotherapyTakeover.ca/donations 


September 26, 2016

We Have No Choice But to Fight in Court – Lives are at stake!

We have exhausted the political route.  First, we tried persuading the Premier of Ontario and her Minister of Health, Dr. Eric Hoskins, to do the right thing and repeal the psychotherapy legislation that we proved

  1. is entirely unjust, dangerous, undemocratic, unconstitutional and invalid;
  2. is giving a handful of people with vested interests, no oversight or accountability, and apparently no respect for the fundamental rights of Ontario residents, the ability to torment valued holistic professionals with impunity;
  3. is poised to eliminate the entire holistic healthcare community of some 10,000 hard-working, front-line professionals, mostly women, at a time when more, not fewer front-line practitioners and options are needed, and high unemployment rates are creating massive hardship throughout the province;
  4. has created yet another protection racket run by unelected, unaccountable academics whose careers as regulators at private corporate bodies (regulatory Colleges) are being built on the backs of hard-working front-line practitioners who are forced to abandon their basic rights and freedoms and pay huge sums to the private corporations involved in order to earn a living; and
  5. is irrational, given that a US high court has deemed psychology, and by extension, psychotherapy, unscientific and therefore psychology and by extension, psychotherapy legislation, unconstitutional.

We and our supporters have written hundreds of letters, talked with MPPs, and sent legal letters to the Minister of Health and the Premier to no avail.  MPPs have remained wilfully ignorant of the problem.

Finally, we provided the Competition Bureau of Canada with a 700-page submission containing all the facts, the evidence uncovered, and with a request that they investigate and take action against the anti-competition behavior that is directed by a private front-corporation called the Federation of Health Regulatory Colleges of Ontario (FHRCO), which in turn is directed and influenced by the international front corporation called CLEAR (Council on Enforcement and Regulation).

 A copy of the two-volume submission, which was delivered by courier to the Competition Bureau and several other government agencies, is available for a nominal fee that helps with our production and delivery costs. …contact us at admin@stoppsychotherapytakeover.ca for a copy.

The Competition Bureau is a federal law enforcement agency tasked with preventing anti-competition behavior across Canada.We were clear with the Competition Bureau that we were lodging our complaints about how private pharmaceutical front-corporations were engaging in anti-competition activities using smear campaigns, false marketing practices, lobbying without being registered, getting undisclosed payments from the regulatory corporations known as Colleges, registering as non-profit when their activities directly benefited the pharmaceutical industry, and so on.

The Competition Bureau’s website seemed clear that they had the power to investigate and prosecute such corporate activity.  Under the section Regulated Conduct Doctrine, it appeared that they even had the power to intervene in certain anti-competition activities by valid legislation.  Why would invalid legislation not be as well.

So why did we get a mere telephone call from the Competition Bureau officials saying that

  1. they plan no enforcement action whatever,
  2. it would not put its reasons in writing, and
  3. they ‘might’ consider advocating for change of the psychotherapy legislation. 

Of course, there was no mention as to why they weren’t investigating and enforcing the Competition Act against the FHRCO and it was not clear at all that they had bothered to read our entire Submission and the evidence presented. [Click here to hear the telephone discussion or read the Transcript of the discussion.]

What the Competition Bureau officials did imply was that while there was no veil of legitimacy whatever for this psychotherapy legislation and it was frustrating to those affected (no kidding!), they had no enforcement power over government legislation, no matter how secretly it was concocted and no matter how much against the public interest it was.  According to them, even activity that had not yet resulted in legislation, such as the proposed Ontario Clinic Regulations, would not spur investigation by them.

The provincial government’s behavior in encouraging the takeover of the Ministry of Health by a front-corporation is called Regulatory Capture.  (Good name:  one minute we are free people and the next minute, we have been captured and readied for elimination!).

It seems that once the unlawful activities are given a sanitized title, such as ‘Regulatory Capture’, they get a pass from the Bureau, even though the Bureau’s own website implies that anti-competitive behavior cannot be hidden under piles of invalid legislation.

Regulatory Capture is a form of government failure that occurs when a regulatory mechanism created to act in the public interest, instead advances the commercial or political concerns of special interest groups that dominate the industry or sector it is intended to regulate. It is the process by which regulations and agencies eventually come to be dominated by the very industries they were charged with regulating.

And now you see that when government failure is this profound, Court is the only hope left.

Yes, we did follow up with the Commissioner of Competition about the Bureau’s decision and cavalier dismissal of the FHRCO’s behavior, but we don’t anticipate any meaningful action at this point.

Apparently, for some, the medical/pharmaceutical corruption of our entire Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care is just ‘regulatory capture’ and we are merely ‘peasants’ who are not entitled to their freedoms and rights under the Constitution.

And incontestable government ‘failure’ will be given a free pass until we see the government in Court.

Can you help build our Legal Fund so that we can restore our right to practitioners and treatments of OUR choice?   Or help in other ways?  If so, click here: www.StopPsychotherapyTakeover.ca/donations


September 22, 2016

The Only Thing that Can Stop Those Too Corrupt to Fail—the people!

We have not and will not quit demanding a full repeal of Ontario’s invalid psychotherapy legislation that, if proclaimed, will result in the elimination of all non-drug mental health and wellness approaches paid for out-of-pocket by the public.

Unfortunately, it seems that Court is the only avenue left, and we need your help to build the legal fund….
Please visit: www.StopPsychotherapyTakeover.ca/donations

Below are ‘highlights’ of the corruption we have uncovered:

• In the 1990’s the medical pharmaceutical cartel set up a front corporation consisting of a group of 7 people (private consultants and the like) and named it the Federation of Healthcare Regulatory Colleges of Ontario (FHRCO).

• FHRCO’s name sounds ‘governmental’, and the organization claims to speak as ‘one voice’ for all health regulatory colleges. But in reality, FHRCO is not a government agency, is not elected by the public and has no government mandate. It is merely a private front corporation taking over the entire Ontario Ministry of Health through covert means, ensuring holistic practitioners have no voice.

• FHRCO incorporated as a non-profit, and was never registered as a lobby group, yet everything it does benefits the pharmaceutical industry, including smear campaigns to turn the public against holistic practitioners. FHRCO is constantly lobbying and even boasts ‘partnering’ with the government. FHRCO won’t return calls, provide basic information such as financial statements and are not subject to Freedom of Information requests, since they are a private corporation.

• FHRCO is run by Registrars of the province’s 26 (and counting) tyrannical medical-model health regulatory “Colleges”, which are also private corporations, unelected by the public, unaccountable to the public, not subject to the Freedom of Information legislation, the Competition Act or the Corporations Act and soon not to be subject to the Non-profit Corporations Act.

• The regulatory “Colleges”, funded Mafia-style by the enormous mandatory annual Membership fees that practitioners are extorted into paying in order to work in Ontario, each funnel $8-10,000 annually to the FHRCO. This mean that hard-working front-line healthcare givers are forced to fund FHRCO. In effect, many practitioners are paying for their own elimination.

• FHRCO appears to funnel a portion of the fees extorted from front-line healthcare workers to an international corporation called Council on Licensure, Enforcement and Regulation (CLEAR). In fact, the FHRCO appears to be an affiliate of CLEAR, which is headquartered in the USA and advancing the New World Order regulatory scheme touted by US President Obama to bring all healthcare worldwide under the control of the medical/pharmaceutical cartel and all of humanity under a One World Government. Note that CLEAR also uses a government-sounding title.

• CLEAR’s promotion of ‘regulatory excellence’, seems to include little to no regard for the rights, freedoms and liberties of citizens of sovereign nations. Their latest training modules involve forcing ‘moral character assessments’ on all healthcare practitioners (except of course, doctors, dentists, nurses, psychiatrists and psychologists).

• When the international medical/pharmaceutical cartel wants a competitor removed from the Ontario healthcare scene, the FHRCO orchestrates a ‘need’ for legislation and the establishment of a new corporate regulatory body (College).


• For example, former executive advisor to the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Shenda Tanchak, was responsible for managing and implementing CPSO’s long-term strategic planning. In 2012, she went straight from a long career with the CPSO into the position of Registrar at the much smaller College of Registered Physiotherapists of Ontario (Physical Therapists). With the relative cover of the physiotherapy college, she took up the CPSO-FHRCO effort to push through legislation further diluting and eliminating their holistic competition: the Ontario Clinic Regulations designed to make all holistic health and wellness service locations illegal. In 2016 she was awarded FHRCO’s Presidency.

• FHRCO promotes CLEAR’s international-style regulation and enforcement training of Ontario regulatory College administrative staff (especially Registrars). College staff therefore build their training portfolios on the backs of innocent practitioners.

• The extorted practitioners, forced to become College members in order to earn a living, must give up their basic rights and accept warrantless searches, moral character assessments, loss of freedom of association and others, on top of annual demands for ‘updating’ and ‘training’ at places ‘approved’ by the Colleges—all so they can offer you their healthcare services.

• To prevent a huge backlash and gain co-operation, practitioners are told that

(a) they will be more highly regarded by the medical profession if they are regulated this way,

(b) their clients will be reimbursed for their services by private insurers and,

(c) they will have more work for themselves as their competition is eliminated.

• If this snow job was disclosed to practitioners they would realize that ‘self-regulation’ in Ontario is a scam, with regulation being entirely directed by the medical pharmaceutical cartel.

• Many regulated practitioners are now wondering what happened to the promised glamor and glitter and higher income that allegedly result from paying a College to eliminate their competition. In fact, many can no longer afford to “pay to play” and have been eliminated themselves. Others have found their professions diluted to the point they are barely recognizable, while healthcare costs are now unaffordable for most people.

In our next report to you, we will share why going to Court is now our only option. We need your help to build the legal fund. Please visit: StopPsychotherapyTakeover.ca/donations


September 15, 2016

Competition Bureau Response to Complaints of Pharmaceutical Anti-Competition Behavior: Tough Luck

Published by Activist Post.  Read the full article here: http://www.activistpost.com/2016/09/competition-bureau-response-complaints-pharmaceutical-anti-competition-behavior-tough-luck.html

…Disappointingly, but to no great surprise, we received a resounding ‘tough luck’ from the Competition Bureau by telephone (hear the conversation here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4tiM5uBxRgc), followed by written confirmation that they will not be pursuing any enforcement action or putting their decision in writing.

Competition Bureau officials stated that provincial politicians and government are not subject to any Competition Act provisions. The clear implication is that cartels are free to create monopolies in Canada simply by inserting representatives into key government positions (such as Ministry of Health).

Interestingly, the Bureau Officers failed to comment on their ability to investigate the non-governmental front corporation called FHRCO, which you will read about further below.

Are provincial governments really immune from investigation and prosecution, even when anti-competitive behavior is undertaken under the cover of invalid laws, as is the case in this healthcare scandal? Our investigation continues because according to the Competition Bureau’s own website, they specify that regulatory conduct under valid laws are not the jurisdiction of the Competition Bureau, acknowledging there is a distinction.

Regardless, Competition Bureau staff have a creative name for this sort of anti-competition corruption: Regulatory Capture…

August 2, 2016

Investigations Demanded: Private Corporations Creating Ontario Healthcare Regulations & Chaos

Below are some updates on your disappearing health care freedoms and the entities responsible for such.

New Submission to Government Agencies Requesting Investigations

SPT’s most recent initiative is a new Submission, roughly 700 pages, that has just been sent by courier to the Competition Bureau and several other agencies.  It details how and why Ontario residents are all in grave danger on many health care flanks – including the clinical regulation project, the psychotherapy legislation, and the unaccountable, medical / pharmaceutical corporations dictating health care policy for the people of Ontario. 

Each submission requests a thorough investigation of our corrupt and deadly health care system.  Below are the agencies to whom we have sent copies thus far:

  • Competition Bureau
  • Ombudsman of Ontario
  • Canadian Constitution Foundation
  • Andrew Truesch, Commission of Revenue 
  • J. David Wake, Integrity Commissioner 
  • Mary Shenstone, Fairness Commissioner of Ontario 
  • David Oraziette, Minister of Government and Consumer Services 
  • Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada

Please help by contacting these organizations, referencing our Submission and demanding a full investigation.  For contact information for each of the agencies, please click here:

We could send this highly informative document to anyone who contributes $75 towards our costs of having 10 copies of this submission printed, professionally bound and delivered to the various agencies for investigation. 

The SPT Team have always done all of our work for free, and have made our commissioned legal opinion and all of our research freely available to the public.  And, we have paid many expenses out of our own pockets, so we really need help raising funds to fight these escalating attacks on our fundamental rights and freedoms.

Corporate Influences on Ontario’s Regulation of Health Care Practitioners

Recently, we have realized even more layers to our corrupt health care legislative scheme.  Yet another private corporation, one that is completely outside the legislative framework, with no government mandate whatsoever, has been for years heavily influencing the Ministry and individual colleges but never registered as a lobby group.  This private corporation is called Federation of Health Regulatory Colleges of Ontario (FHRCO) and is run by Registrars of the various colleges who use their association with the colleges to project an undeserved air of legitimacy and authority. 

FHRCO’s agenda seems focused on eliminating all unregulated practitioners and any inconvenient (non-biomedical or independent-minded) regulated practitioners via legislation, propaganda that turns the public against us (which they pass off under the banner of ‘education’), and unjustified registration and membership requirements that they encourage individual colleges to adopt.  Shenda Tanchak, former Executive Advisor to the medical doctors (College of Physicians and Surgeons) and ringleader of the clinic regulation group mentioned below, currently presides over FHRCO.

Ontario’s Health Regulatory Colleges are Unaccountable Corporations!

Further, the colleges themselves are corporations, unaccountable to the residents of Ontario, not remotely transparent (except when using ‘transparency’ as a way to remind everyone who is boss… for example, by posting on their websites the names of practitioners that don’t conform to their whims and incessant demands).  They are not subject to FIPPA (FOI requests and privacy requirements), not subject to the Corporations Act and soon will not be subject to the Not-for-Profit Corporations Act.  Nevertheless, contact your MPP about your concerns and they will probably tell you to ‘talk to the college’… even if your concerns are about the college!

Ontario Clinic Regulation 

The Ontario Clinic Regulation Working Group’s ‘consultation report’ is now on the Minister’s desk, and any day now (if not already) their ‘recommendation report’ will be as well… ready to be rubber-stamped and moved to the next stage.  The clinic regulation project is a group of Registrars working outside their mandate, force-funded by their Members’ fees, with the express intent of outlawing all places where health and wellness services are provided by 1 or more people and the owner / principal representative is not a regulated professional. 

This is yet another angle from which our fundamental freedoms are under attack and it traces back to FHRCO as early as 2008.  The working group is headed by none other than FHRCO’s current president, the above-mentioned Shenda Tanchak.  There is no mention whatsoever in the working group’s documentation, to our knowledge, about an exemption for spiritual care givers working according to the tenants of their religion. 

CRPO Webinar

Recently a Stop Psychotherapy Takeover supporter took part in a webinar hosted by the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO) for prospective members, recorded it and sent it to us.  It contained quite a number of revealing tidbits that show CRPO’s dictatorial and unlawful attitude on issues relating to the controlled act of psychotherapy. 

We have created a compilation video and a transcript of some highlights.  You will note the admissions by the CRPO that the process and the legislation are causing terror, nightmares and panic among practitioners of all types.

Resignation of CRPO’s Registrar!

You might have heard that the Registrar of CRPO and long-time psychotherapy-takeover-player, Joyce Rowlands, recently resigned (effective May 6th, 2016)… not long after our letter to Kathleen Wynne, Hoskins and 6 MOHLTC Policy Analysts revealed that she (along with several other college Registrars) is a member of an international regulatory corporation called Council on Licensure, Enforcement and Regulation (CLEAR) whose graduates and members seem to be trained to subvert and tweek the domestic laws of sovereign nations in favour of the corporate globalist agenda. The TPP trade deal, for example, is designed to facilitate the control of every aspect of life from cradle to the grave. 

Please support our efforts at:  www.StopPsychotherapyTakeover.ca/donations.


July 28, 2016

Psychotherapy College Strong-arms Innocent Healthcare Practitioners

A supporter sent us a Q & A webinar hosted by the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO) in April 2016.  It contains a number of admissions and not-so-veiled threats by the CRPO that demonstrate it’s dictatorial and unlawful attitude on issues relating to the controlled act of psychotherapy.

 We have created a compilation video of the most relevant facts, and a transcript summarizing some highlights.  The transcript is short, but is breathtaking in content, as we realize that their statements amount to Ontario practitioners being told they are essentially enslaved or will be enslaved, and the public denied services.

If you can contribute to our efforts and continuing investigations around what we feel is a serious scheme that ultimately will destroy your healthcare rights, please click here.  We do all of our work for free, but seriously need help in covering our costs for printing, website maintenance, legal advice, etc.

In CRPO’s webinar you will hear this secretive organization torment innocent practitioners who simply want to help their clients get and stay healthy, and continue earning a living in their chosen field of work without fear of being one of the CRPO’s court test cases, or receiving a prison sentence and/or massive fines.  CRPO repeatedly advised these practitioners to join the corporation and pay their massive (extortion) fees, which they admit are 3-4 times higher than the fees teachers pay. 

 For example, at the 52:25 minute mark:

“Because a person doesn’t want to be that test case.” “Yeah, as Philip says [laughter].” “Because that test case is going to be awful for whoever it is [laughter].”  “Yeah, well, test cases are long and expensive, um, so, yeah.”  “They [energy therapists] get into the emotional deep end, so they do fall under the axe, yes? … if they don’t make it [into CRPO], they are finished!”

 The CRPO (like all of Ontario’s health regulatory ‘colleges’, as per the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991 (RHPA)), is in fact a corporation entirely unaccountable to taxpayers, not subject to the Corporations Act, and scheduled for exemption from the Not-for-Profit Corporations Act.  It is not subject to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, 1990 (FIPPA, the legislation that subjects government agencies to FOI requests and privacy requirements).

 Worse, like all the other health regulatory Colleges in Ontario, it is directed by a front corporation called FHRCO and ‘trained’ by an international front corporation called CLEAR. 

 As you will see, the CRPO wavers between the following explanations of what the controlled act of psychotherapy is:  (a) we don’t know, the Minister will advise, (b) we can’t say, the courts will decide this during our test court cases, (c) it is based on the ‘seriousness’ of the condition treated (d) it applies to treatment of certain ‘disorders’ or individuals with certain ‘disorders’.   CRPO will not define ‘seriousness’ or ‘disorders’, or any other key terms in the controlled act of psychotherapy .

 It is still anyone’s guess who will be forced out of work and when, because no one can get a straight answer. The only answer one gets is to join CRPO to avoid becoming a ‘test court case’.

 The fact is that controlled acts, according to the spirit and intent of the RHPA, are just one specified, defined and proven dangerous activity or approach within a profession or professions.   There is nothing dangerous about psychotherapy, no matter how widely it is eventually defined, so the Minister is positioning the CRPO to arbitrarily target and ruin professionals, and eliminate the public’s health care options, as they see fit.

To help us recover our freedoms before it is really too late, please go here to contribute.  Without your contributions and assistance, we cannot stop the damage being done to our healthcare freedoms.

July 24, 2016

Clear Case of Tail Wagging the Dog Endangering Ontarians and Undermining Freedoms

Our investigations into the legislative healthcare schemes working against the public interest have uncovered clear and shocking proof, written right into the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991 (RHPA)  and the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) that Ontario’s healthcare regulatory colleges are in fact private, unaccountable corporations (‘bodies corporate’), not even subject to FOI requests.

If you can contribute to our efforts and continuing investigations around what we feel is a serious scheme that ultimately will destroy your healthcare rights, please click here.

Our extensive investigations have uncovered the following:

1. Ministry of Health (MOH) officials stated: ‘By definition, controlled acts are those acts [techniques] considered to carry an inherent risk of harm in the course of providing healthcare to a patient. ONLY those acts [not entire professions] that are inherently dangerous are restricted, leaving as much healthcare as possible in the public domain.”

2. Joyce Rowlands, a recently-resigned Registrar in one of the corporations mentioned above, contradicted the MOH, leading the public to believe that the entire profession of psychotherapy, yet to be defined, is a controlled act when applied to certain ‘disorders’ or individuals with certain ‘disorders’, as opposed to just one specified and proven dangerous activity or approach. (Note that refusing service to someone based on their mental health status is a blatant violation of Human Rights codes, hardly an example of ‘protecting the public’!) And, she refused to disclose to the public exactly which disorders she was referring to! (For an example of her refusal click here.)

To MOH officials in 2015, Rowlands admitted (we’ve paraphrased): ‘Maybe the controlled act wording needs to be changed since we cannot specify a single act done as part of providing psychotherapy that is dangerous and therefore needs to be controlled!’

MOH officials asked of Rowlands in mid-2015 how she, as the Regulator, planned on distinguishing between a non-psychotherapist performance of the Controlled Act and other practice, and after many years, she was still ‘unable’ to say. [Remember, this is someone who has played a major role in facilitating this attack on holistic practitioners for the last 8 years since the law was passed.]

MOH officials lamented that, ‘again’ she could not explain what criteria the College would use to hold mental health services up against when fulfilling their legislated duty to enforce the controlled act of psychotherapy. Paraphrasing what Rowland generally responded to the Ministry: ‘There is no specific act within the profession of psychotherapy that is inherently dangerous or identified as dangerous, but anyone who engages in psychotherapy (the profession) is in violation of the act anyway.’ See the Rowlands / MOH communications here and a summary of the most important contradictions here.

So it seems that the corporation’s Registrar saw fit to ‘spin’ the spirit and intent of the RHPA and the MOH official information. This should rank as a gross failure in her duty to be transparent. Rowlands’ efforts to define the controlled act of psychotherapy eventually saw a shift to where the definition revolved around the seriousness of the condition, with ‘seriousness’, she claimed, to be defined in the courts. This continues today as seen at the 4:28 and 12:42 minute marks of a SPT Compilation of a 2016 CRPO Webinar for prospective Members.


Knowing what you now know, you may be as disgusted as we are that:

• the Minister continue to insist, as recently as last month, that 6 of these ‘bodies corporate’ will decide among themselves how to define the controlled act of psychotherapy and therefore choose which competing treatments and practitioners the public may access for emotional, mental and spiritual issues and which will be eliminated, and

• the Minister and MPPs continually advise the concerned public (including practitioners) to consult with the CRPO ‘body corporate’ to learn exactly how their lives and careers will be adversely affected!

If you want to help us recover our freedoms before it is really too late, please click here to contribute: Without your contributions and assistance, we cannot stop the damage being done to our healthcare freedoms….


July 11, 2016

Against Public Interest: Pharmaceutical Cartel Activity in Ontario Eliminating the Drugless Industry

 At the time of writing this newsletter, all that stands between the elimination of 10,000 holistic, traditional, energy and spiritual care professionals from the Ontario mental healthcare industry, who are providing freely-chosen, proven safe and effective front-line drug-free healthcare treatments, is the final signature on the ‘controlled act of psychotherapy’—legislation that was concocted behind-the-scenes by the medical-pharmaceutical lobby group named Federation of Regulated Health Professions of Ontario (FHRCO).

If you believe that no private, unelected, self-interest group should be in a position to eliminate its competition through slick marketing and positioning in the government, please help us stop this NOW… click here for ways to help and to financially assist.

Don’t let the name fool you… FHRCO is a private, self-interest corporation driving the hardships that front-line professionals and their clients are now experiencing. If this behavior of one powerful healthcare model towards the other is not anti-competition and completely in violation of everything that Canadians cherish when they think of freedom, nothing is.

Worse, it is influenced, if not entirely directed, by a private international corporation with an equally misleading name, Council on Licensure, Enforcement and Regulation (CLEAR).

Regulatory College administrators, such as those of the College of Registered Psychotherapists (CRPO) are advancing their careers in ‘international’ regulation on the backs of those forced to pay massive annual membership fees just for the right to work.

Even Ontario’s regulatory Colleges are unelected ‘body corporates’ (corporations), that are unaccountable to the public, not subject to the Corporations Act or to Freedom of Information requests. Our investigations have revealed that these corporations are working well outside their mandates, as they gang up on and bully regulated and unregulated practitioners alike under the guise of ‘protecting the public interest’.

If you are tired of being ‘protected’ by a corrupt healthcare system that is imploding with bureaucracy and the elimination of front-line workers, click here to contribute what you can to our work.

The prerogative by which the psychotherapy-related legislation was forced on Ontarians as a means of centralizing control of all mental, emotional and spiritual care treatment in the hands of psychologists and psychiatrists is listed by the Public Appointments Secretariat as ‘Permissive Law by Minister’s Order in Council’.

Permissive laws are typically defined as laws that grant permission for acts that are otherwise prohibited. Concurrent unjustified legislation, such as the controlled act of acupuncture (implicit in the RHPA’s 2nd controlled act) has already eliminated hundreds, if not thousands, of highly successful and experienced professionals from the natural healthcare industry.

With the pending proclamation of the controlled act of psychotherapy, the agenda to eliminate all drugless mental health alternatives to addictive pain and psychiatric medications will have succeeded. The rampant drug addiction epidemic caused by medical treatment for pain and mental illnesses will increase from the present 5-6 times more addicts than street-drug pushers create, to many hundreds of times more.

On yet another flank, the president of FHRCO is promoting ‘proposed’ Ontario Clinic Regulations that make all unregulated healthcare and wellness service locations illegal overnight, once rubber-stamped into law.

Those healthcare practitioners who have reluctantly agreed to try to work with the current forced regulation under the RHPA, instead of remaining truly self-regulated within associations of voluntary members as called for by the original spirit and intent of the RHPA, have been financially and emotionally devastated, forced out of their careers and out of work through entirely arbitrary credentialing, training, updating and bureaucratic requirements designed specifically to eliminate a vast majority of drugless professionals.

The more the public is showing its preference for drugless options, the more the medical pharmaceutical industry has ramped up its tyrannical behavior, causing much distress to the professionals targeted, the public who relies on natural therapies and to the Ontario economy that is already facing massive unemployment and out-of-control conventional healthcare costs.

Medical-pharmaceutical devotees have not earned the moral and ethical authority to impose its views on the public. Using underhanded methods, the medical-pharmaceutical cartel is systematically, financially and emotionally exhausting the very professionals who are 100% safe according to extensive studies, and saving the healthcare system billions annually.

Click here for various ways to help and to financially assist our efforts.


July 5, 2016

Ontario Health Minister’s latest slap in the face of holistic professionals

Our efforts to stop the Ontario Minister of Health in his quest to eliminate all competition to his profession and the pharmaceutical machinery that is overtaking our healthcare rights and freedoms has reach another critical point.

After two years of trying to get a response from him, what we have finally received is a slap in the face. The Minister confirms that he alone will decide what treatments and practitioners Ontarians will be permitted to access, even if paying out-of-pocket!

The harmful activities of this Minister must be stopped before its too late.  Please contribute what you can spare now. to ensure that our efforts to 1) return healthcare freedoms to the public and 2) ensure protection for holistic practitioners from further Big Pharma-sponsored legislative attacks do not stall.

In his long-awaited reply to SPT, Dr. Eric Hoskins merely confirmed that despite all that is unjust and wrong about the controlled act of psychotherapy, he will be proclaiming it and he alone will ultimately decide for all Ontarians who will be permitted to provide mental, emotional and spiritual care and what kind of treatment will be permitted.

Even though we highlighted for Minister Hoskins the continuing efforts of medical-pharmaceutical advocates to smear the holistic healthcare community that saves his imploding system $14-20 billion annually in healthcare costs, it seems he will not do his duty to act in the public interest.

The Minister made it clear that he still intends to allow only 6 practitioner groups to treat the public for mental, emotional and spiritual issues, without providing any evidence that he has the Constitutional right to remove the individual’s freedom to choose their own practitioner, especially when they are paying out-of-pocket, OR that such elimination of public choice is necessary in the first place.

Further, the Minister completely ignored our grave concerns regarding the Ontario Clinic Regulation project http://www.stoppsychotherapytakeover.ca/ontario-clinic-regulation that proposes to eliminate all unregulated healthcare practitioners (non-drug treatments and approaches), even though the public is showing it increasingly prefers natural approaches to wellness.

The Minister has ignored the science showing that (a) the public highly values natural approaches, and (b) many natural approaches have been and continue to be scientifically proven safe and effective.
Worse, he has ignored the fact that the Texas psychology laws that sought to monopolize all mental healthcare were deemed by a US appeal court to be unconstitutional because they violate the freedom of speech.

Psychology laws, and by extension the psychotherapy legislation in Ontario, are also unconstitutional because they are far too broadly written (as intended by psychology lobbyists).  When asked if it was possible to draft a narrower definition of the practice of psychology, attorney Mary Louise Serafine, the successful Plaintiff, said, “No.  Because there is no scientific basis for it. There isn’t even a general professional consensus about the correct principles and methods of psychology.  The lobby is one of self-interest.”  Read more here.

As Ontarians are broadsided with more and more cuts to hospitals, the nursing profession, front-line healthcare providers, and now the holistic healthcare community that costs the government not one red cent, we are seeing this Minister relentlessly set up one advisory, board, ‘regulatory’ and unaccountable corporation, or committee after another, to be financially supported by already enslaved regulated practitioners and taxpayers.

Worse, he is expected to move ahead with proclamation of the controlled act of psychotherapy any day now.

The ability to provide guidance about the common problems of life—marriage, children, alcohol, health, no matter how serious—is a foundation of human interaction and society.  By limiting the ability of individuals to dispense assistance and advice about mental or emotional problems, such that only those indoctrinated into theories and opinions gleaned in a graduate class may assist and advise others–which is the case with psychotherapy/psychology education– chills and prohibits protected speech.  Such restriction of normal human interaction places everyone in danger and at the mercy of a few self-interest groups.

You can help stop this madness by contributing to the letter-writing campaigning, collecting Petition signatures and contributing financially what you can.

Please, don’t let our hard work stall.  Contribute now in whatever way you can.


April 28, 2016

Overwhelmed With Gratitude!

NEVER would we have thought that by today, when everyone is so busy, some 10,000 of you would have taken the time to sign our on-line Petition, over a thousand would have signed our Formal Petition in just a couple of weeks, some 500 letters would be sent by the public to their MPPs, and our funding efforts would show real promise!

And just today we learned that Premier Wynne’s abuse of holistic, traditional, spiritual care, and energy professionals is gaining national attention, even though pharma-influenced mainstream media is hush-hush about all this.
On top of all that great news, Dialogue Magazine out of Nanaimo, BC has found this entire healthcare crisis in Ontario of real danger to all Canadians. Here is the on-line magazine version of the article on Stop Psychotherapy Takeover’s battle with the Ontario Health Minister. We will be featured in Dialogue’s June hard-copy edition…

YOU are all that stands between the Wynne government’s abuse and thousands of innocent healthcare practitioners.

So, just a quick but heartfelt thanks to all of you! And keep your emails and ideas coming; they help us stay strong as we navigate this crisis.

Because YOU care, we know that we can get legislation installed to protect us from further abuse by pharmaceutical company-influenced Ministers of Health before the deadly TPP trade deal is ratified and all possibilities end.

You are the reason that this world still has hope!

Thank you for honoring life, personal liberties and democratic freedoms. Keep sharing!

Please visit our Take Action page for links to our on-line Petition, printable PDF FORMAL PETITION, MPP letters and ways to contribute.    If you can spare $10.00, please think of us.


April 24, 2016

More Natural Healthcare Practitioners Eliminated by Premier Wynne

We are getting many contacts from acupuncturists, family therapists, spiritual care professionals, lay psychotherapists and others who cannot believe they have been betrayed by their government this way. 

Acupuncture, for instance, was never proven to be a risk to the public and certainly, according to the statistics to be shared in future newsletters, only 6 people world-wide were negatively affected by acupuncture, and only by one small technique that few of them use and is typically very safe.

However, the real criticism Big Pharma has about acupuncture is that it is a very safe, cost-effective option to addictive pain medications that are creating the epidemic of drug addiction and deaths we experience today.

But again, the evil-doers on their black chargers, who want all drug-free options for pain management eliminated because they interfere with Big Pharma profiteering, swooped in to claim that all of acupuncture was dangerous. 

As they did with the senseless psychotherapy legislation designed to put some 10,000 safe and effective professionals out of work, Premier Wynne’s former henchwoman  and Minister of Health, Deb Matthews, made the entire profession of acupuncture a controlled act, instead of restricting to those acupuncturists trained in that technique the one small technique that rarely causes an adverse effect. 

Please help with whatever financial contributions you can spare at www.stoppsychotherapytakeover.ca/donations/.   Also, PRINT OFF THE FORMAL PETITION and help us gather signatures to be taken to the Ontario Legislature.

Of course, as previously explained, controlled acts are not to be used to control entire professions, but only the specified and identifiable act within the profession that is proven risky.  In violation of the superior laws, this government seeks any excuse to control even the safest of techniques of every profession and restrict the entire profession to those who later dilute then eliminate it…the medical-model advocates.

Worse, front-line healthcare services are cut back instead of bureaucratic waste and redundancy being eliminated, and safe, effective front-line healthcare professionals have to become ‘registered’ and pay many thousands of dollars in ‘fees’ just for the right to work.  You can understand why many are calling it outright extortion.

Premier Wynne, psychologists and psychiatrists seeking to protect their ‘turf’, and the pharmaceutical drug industry whose recent increase in drug prices she applauded, manufactured a previously non-existent profession to be defined as needed in order to capture and eliminate all natural therapies and approaches to wellness.



Ways to Take Action


April 21, 2016

Epidemic of Healthcare Regulation in Ontario Proving Deadly

Some of the best natural treatment practitioners targeted for elimination by the unnecessary regulatory colleges forced on Ontarians feel terrorized. 

The Colleges, which are entirely unaccountable and can make any regulation they wish at any time without public consultation, engage in extortion and threatening behaviors that unlawfully force safe and effective front-line healthcare professionals out of work. (CSPO’s treatment of Dr. Jozef Krop is a perfect example of this.)

If you can spare $5.00, please help us fight for free choice in healthcare: www.stoppsychotherapytakeover.ca/donations/

Right now, the Wynne government is systematically eliminating those who lawfully choose not to be regulated.  First, various advisors dilute and violate the superior laws (i.e. RHPA) and embed entirely unacceptable terms into legislation.  Next her henchmen/women employ arbitrary academic credentialing to prevent natural treatment practitioners from joining a College, effectively putting them out of work altogether.

Those natural practitioners who have agreed to be regulated by a College just to be able to continue to work, find themselves gagged and put through enormous amounts of time-consuming red-tape, not to mention being financially exhausted.  They are required to pay exorbitant fees to self-licking ice cream cones that improve not a single aspect of actual hands-on healthcare service. 

No matter how expert and experienced in their chosen modality, these professionals have to take expensive and totally unnecessary ‘courses’ just to continue having the privilege of being enslaved by College regulations and unacceptable membership fees. 

Worse still, some regulated natural groups, such as Naturopaths, are now prescribing drugs instead of natural treatments, have lost some of their in-office testing rights, and are gagged from providing the real facts about vaccines so that the client can make an informed decision. Today it’s vaccines they are gagged about, tomorrow it will be everything that is natural or an option to deadly drug treatment, such as acupuncture.

The intent of the RHPA was never to enforce control over all healthcare. This new abuse of the Constitution of Canada and the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991 (RHPA), contrary to their original intent, came to us courtesy of the McGuinty/ Wynne governments.

These Rulers have perverted Ontario’s healthcare into a big, black, deadly hole, such that now it is a coercive, oppressive, inefficient, financially unmanageable system that is prohibitively costly for the patient, burdensome for the practitioner and has made us less, not more safe. 

The system we are left with has reduced access to services: another 541 nurses eliminated, acupuncturists eliminated, Traditional Chinese Medicine experts harassed and forced to close their highly successful businesses –  these are just a few examples.

For all intents and purposes the Wynne government has ended free choice in practitioner and treatment, and diluted, suppressed and eliminated natural healthcare.

If you agree that the Wynne government has no mandate to take over our lives and force onto us the medical model that so many people are leaving in droves, then help us stop this deadly government activity now…every $5.00 helps.

Visit our Take Action page to learn the many free ways you can help us stop the sickness-creation machine in Ontario.


April 13, 2016

40 Innocent Healthcare Practitioners Receive Cease & Desist Letters! Hundreds more forced out of work

Under the Regulated Health Professions Act, title protection prohibits persons, other than members of a regulatory College, from representing themselves as members of that College, either directly by using the protected title, or indirectly by using words or conduct to suggest they are authorized to identify themselves as members of the College. 

That’s fair; if you haven’t paid membership dues, don’t claim you have.  But that is where legitimate, lawful title restrictions end.

Internal documents we have received show that in mid-2015, Ministry of Health Policy Analysts reminded the Registrar of the College of Registered Psychotherapists (CRPO):

  • “Those who do not wish to become members of the College of Registered Psychotherapists cannot be prevented from offering psychotherapy or calling themselves psychotherapists.”
  • While the title Registered Psychotherapist is currently restricted to members of the College of Registered Psychotherapists only, practitioners may continue to provide psychotherapy services to patients.  FURTHERMORE, NOTHING PREVENTS THEM FROM PROMOTING THOSE SERVICES TO THE PATIENTS AND THE PUBLIC.”

And again, in other Ministry communications:

  • Scopes of practice provide a description of a profession’s activities, and that profession does not have exclusive right to provide services within its scope of practice.

However, despite all this being clear, according to their communique, the CRPO had, by January 8, 2016, sent Cease and Desist letters to over 40 practitioners for lawfully using the title “psychotherapist” and/or promoting their services.  

The communique states: “The College continues to take action against unregulated practitioners who appear to be misusing the title “psychotherapist” and/or are holding themselves out as qualified to practise psychotherapy. To date, approximately 40 requests have been issued asking individuals to discontinue use of the title and/or to change the wording of promotional materials or statements. CRPO is considering further action in some cases.”

Given that few victims are able to fund a legal action alone, this appears to be an (unlawful) attempt to force unregulated practitioners out of business overnight.

These impositions on personal liberties and the deliberate restraint of trade and commerce under the guise of protecting the public is actually endangering Ontarians who want their own free choice… not free choice after their preferred practitioners have been eliminated by self-serving groups of medical model advocates.  Further, it is causing innocent and entirely lawfully practicing professionals and their families to be financially and emotionally distressed.

Please help with whatever financial contributions you can spare at www.stoppsychotherapytakeover.ca/donations/.   Also, PRINT OFF THE FORMAL PETITION and help us gather signatures to be taken to the Ontario Legislature.


April 10, 2016

Could Healthcare Regulation in Ontario Be a Protection Racket, Costing Taxpayers Billions?

To many Ontarians, healthcare regulation seems to be increasingly nothing but a slick ‘protection’ racket—costing the taxpayer 52% of our tax dollars.

Hardworking front-line healthcare providers who cost the taxpayer nothing, are being unjustly forced to join entirely unnecessary regulatory healthcare colleges by a prominent member of the very group seeking global control of all healthcare services (medical doctor, Dr. Eric Hoskins, the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care).

As highlighted by the behavior of the new College of Registered Psychotherapists, practitioners are forced to pay their hard-earned fees to bureaucracies run by those who provide no tangible benefit to the public, but who seem adept at obfuscation and doing unlawfully what they cannot do lawfully.

In future newsletters we will share evidence of how this provincial government has now taken the ‘natural’ out of Naturopathy, gagged Naturopaths so they can’t tell the truth, and eliminated safe, effective acupuncturists from the healthcare scene by again falsely claiming that acupuncture was ‘dangerous’, when it is considerably more safe and effective for conditions such as pain, than addictive drug treatments.

We need your help to stop this decimation of the natural healthcare industry in Ontario, and the elimination of 10,000 jobs, so that we can all continue to benefit from free choice and holistic education. Please help in whatever way you can.

Folks, we can’t restore sanity and affordability to the Ontario Healthcare system without your help!


April 6, 2016

International Takeover of Ontario Mental Healthcare Results in Unaffordable, Deadly Treatments

Everyone asks how it can be that our personal liberties and our very lives and healthcare have become a commodity for those whose agenda it is to privatize healthcare services worldwide…starting with Ontario.

We uncovered the answer: an International agency trains specific individuals in Ontario in how to undermine our superior laws…and not just in the field of healthcare…you should see what they are doing to senior drivers and private property owners in Ontario.

Based on the documentation we have accessed, we have learned that all Ontario healthcare services are being privatized by international corporations as part of the TPP trade deal provisions… AND that the international shadow government operating in Ontario, established by international trade deals we had no say in (TISA, TPP), is transforming our democracy into a dictatorship starting at the local level.

They cannot make us into their ‘herd of cattle’ to do with as they wish, unless we remain quiet and disengaged. 

Everything you need from the FORMAL PETITION, preformed letters to your MPP, to links to the Change.org on-line petition are found on our homepage. Without you, we cannot succeed in building the fund we need to fight this in court.

When you hear that legislation is being proposed to ‘protect the public’ you know we are being submerged into yet more grave danger.

International training centers are training those in positions of regulation and enforcement in Ontario on how to impose International Regulations by undermining domestic laws .

Joyce Rowlands–the spokesperson and Registrar at the new College of Registered Psychotherapists–while being told one thing by Policy Analysts at the Ministry and in fact, as the bureaucrats themselves noted, putting up ‘red herrings’ as late as this summer, is telling the public and practitioners the opposite to what government bureaucrats are telling her.  It seems clear that she takes her marching orders from international regulators and NOT from the Ontario Ministry of Health, the RHPA or the Constitution of Canada.

Remember, international regulators want to privatize all human activity from cradle-to-grave in the hands of profit-mongers…there is NO profit in people getting and remaining healthy, or in being permitted to make their own healthcare decisions.

According to our own government’s assessment, using the United National Global Policy Model, 650,000 jobs will be lost amongst trading partners of the TPP—apparently starting with the 10,000 natural treatment practitioners in Ontario!

The TPP contains a provision that no government in the future could safely develop a new publicly run social program.  This means that if the government doesn’t list something now as exempt from the TPP, such as medical autonomy and protection for natural treatments and drug-less healthcare, it can never protect these rights in the future. 

The TPP would have a provision that governments can freely decide to privatize their public services, but once they make that decision they can never reconsider.  Governments can only move towards privatization of our healthcare.  Even if it turns out the decision to privatize was a dreadful mistake, which clearly it is as we see our healthcare system imploding at the hands of Big Pharma who are major corporations involved in the TPP, the decision cannot be reversed.

The TPP would increase corporate patent rights, so our drugs will be more expensive, forever more.

As we share in future newsletters the important documentation that we have accessed throughout this ordeal, you will come to the same conclusion we have:  there is a shadow government (International) forcing mass unlawful regulations on Ontario through strategically positioned individuals trained in the implementation of international agendas, in violation of our constitutional rights.  And, not just in healthcare, but every facet of our lives.

 Together we can speak loudly enough to cause this Minister to act responsibly, repeal this controlled act of psychotherapy legislation now and install protective legislation for all those natural therapists and practitioners who do not want to be demoted to the level of psychotherapy.

 Please, join us now in whatever way you can.

April 3, 2016

Medical Supremacists Behind Unlawful Mental Healthcare Legislation

In Ontario, medical supremacists are permitted to make entirely unfounded claims that holistic treatments ‘may’ be dangerous and ‘unscientific’.

Further, to eliminate competition through unlawful amendments to our laws, they bend the ear of government advisors who appear entirely uninformed and/or wilfully ignorant about safe, effective alternatives to damaging drugs and mental health diagnoses.

Mental health diagnoses and psychiatric drug treatments have been proven detrimental to recovery, thus no healthcare practitioner who refuses to subscribe to the medical-model should be forced to accept any scope of practice or regulation that forces on them the medical-drug model views that violate their beliefs and the research.

To end the forcing of cradle-to-grave medical treatment and mental health diagnoses on Ontarians and the removal of our free choices in natural healthcare, we need your financial support. Please visit http://www.stoppsychotherapytakeover.ca/donations/

The entire Ontario healthcare system–and in no area more so than the mental health field–is regulated based on arbitrary academic credentials and advocacy for diagnoses that not only have no scientific support, but which provide no tangible benefit to the patient, and typically worsen outcomes. There is no proof whatever that a Master’s Degree, mental health diagnosis or psychiatric drug has healed any patient or client.

The Psychotherapy Act, founded on ‘opinion’ and hidden self-serving ‘turf protecting’ agendas of psychologists, is unlawful, especially since now, during high unemployment, 40 or more unregistered psychotherapists were sent cease and desist letters, violating personal liberties and the Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA) itself.

Psychotherapy, no matter how widely it is defined, is NOT remotely dangerous when practiced by laypersons, and there has been no PROOF that it is.

The RHPA states that anyone can offer psychotherapy or other overlapping non-psychotherapy service without joining the new College of Registered Psychotherapists, as long as they do not claim to be ‘Registered’ or a member of the College.

The impositions on personal liberties and the deliberate restraint of trade and commerce under the guise of protecting the public is actually endangering Ontarians who want their own free choice in practitioner…not free choice after their preferred practitioners have been eliminated by self-serving groups of medical model advocates and unnecessary regulatory Colleges.

The Psychotherapy Act, and especially the companion and highly dangerous Controlled Act of Psychotherapy, are the embodiment of the hijacking of the RHPA, an Ontario law passed in 1991 to prevent precisely this sort of attack on alternative treatments to drugs and surgery.

These unlawful legislations are a true disgrace and severely undermine public confidence that it is protected from the agenda of Big Pharma and medical supremacists.

Research shows that unregulated professionals are safe, and judging by public support, the most effective in safely helping clients with mental health and emotional wellness, pain management, spiritual struggles and general health and wellness recovery and preservation.

The public has shown repeatedly that it is quite happy with our ‘standards’, and quite unhappy with conventional standards that suppress individuality and cost-effectiveness.

Most of natural care professionals have decades of training in their chosen fields, essential hands-on experience, and have built practices based on the satisfaction of clients. In many cases ‘conventional’ healthcare education would be a detriment to being an effective mind-body-spirit practitioner.

Regulations and policy designed to cow-tow to multi-national corporations through trade deals (TPP) have thrown the public under the bus, commoditized human life from cradle to grave for the sole profiteering agenda of the medical/pharmaceutical complex.


March 28, 2016

The Face of Distress and Discouragement

We have received hundreds of very sad letters from holistic, traditional, energy and spiritual care professionals affected by the tyranny of Ontario Premier Wynne and the medical doctor she promoted to Minister of Health to eliminate natural, drug-free healthcare in Ontario.  Here is but one and our response:

Hello Stop Psychotherapy Takeover team,

I’m appalled, angry, hurt and frightened for myself and my family!

I’ve worked in the healing arts for over 16 years–Acupuncture, Reiki, Esoteric Healing and herbal remedies.  I’ve never harmed anyone—I helped to improve the health and wellness of many lives.  I’ve studied hard, spent a great deal of money getting my education in these fields and had a great clientele.

I can’t understand why, since we are completely safe and people have a choice–me or ‘free’ healthcare and they choose me–that I have to pay what amounts to a ‘protection’ fee to people who do not have my educational background in these fields, but who want to rule over others.

This year, I will be letting my license go in Acupuncture due to the new College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture’s incessant demand for exorbitant fees, their persecution of grand-parented members, and the intimidating and rude way in which they have communicated to the general membership.  First we were coerced into joining just to be able to keep working; now they are making their own rules as they go along. 

I was going to take my knowledge over to Reflexology and acupressure but now I’m wondering if that will be a waste of time and money too, due to this Psychotherapy College’s hijacking of people’s livelihoods in the holistic mental/emotional healthcare field.

The Witch Burnings of the 1600’s by medical doctors have now entered into the present time, except they burn us financially.

Please keep me posted and if I can help in any way, please let me know.

Susan (Name withheld for her protection), Toronto, ON

This is Stop Psychotherapy Takeover team’s response:

Hello Susan,

Thank you for contacting us.

DO NOT GIVE UP!  They do not win until we give up.  We have the law on our side.  We have facts; we have truth.  We have studies showing we are safe and effective.  We have millions of people returning to natural, drug-free lifestyles as a result of our public educational efforts.

Stay calm and do what you can Susan.  Demand that your MPP to do something about this and call the Ontario Minister of Health’s office directly (Dr. Eric Hoskins).  You are entitled to have the controlled act of psychotherapy repealed because it is unlawful.

You are entitled to be protected from constant attacks and takeover attempts by what is now the leading causes of death and disability in North America–pharmaceutical/ medical corporate interests—not through forced regulation, but through the installation of ‘safe harbour legislation’.

There are sooo many ways you can turn fear energy into action energy.

Consider working hard to raise the funds needed to fight this in Court.  Even $10.00 monthly would barely make a dent in a person’s lifestyle, but would help us immensely.

Attached is a FORMAL PETITION that will be presented in the legislature once we have about 10,000 signatures.

Be loud, be heard. Stand proud for choice and safe treatments. Get the info out to everyone working in your field.

Outing the bad guys is the only way to succeed and get stronger as an industry.  The reason they are doing this again, is because we are getting too preferred by the public for their liking.  The $7-10 billion annually that we save the imploding healthcare system is not lining pharma pockets and not paying self-licking ice cream cones to ‘rule’ over everyone’s lives.

And for heaven’s sake, do not give up studying or increasing your knowledge and wisdom in your chosen holistic field. You are a free person… fight for your freedom to continue offering your services as you wish.  Freedom is not free, but ultimately without it, we will all be commodities of a very sick medical/pharmaceutical system.

Be sure to subscribe as a practitioner if you are not subscribed to our newsletters, and at www.StopPsychotherapyTakeover.ca you will find Twitter links, Change.org Petition links, pre-formed MPP letters to send and so on.

Ontarians deserve to have a choice to share our wisdoms, love, spirit and good intentions.

All the best,


March 23, 2016

Why is Premier Wynne and her Gang Eliminating Natural Healthcare from Ontario?

Holistic, traditional, energy and spiritual care practitioners are:

• Proven safe, often with decades of training and education in their chosen field.

• Offering time-tested treatments, some originating as far back as thousands of years.

• Increasingly preferred by the public who walk past ‘free’ healthcare to pay out-of-pocket.

• Free of damaging mental health diagnoses or brain-damaging drugs.

• Educating the public in self-care, natural lifestyle and natural healthcare.

• Free of all coercion, forced admissions and treatment by collusion with insurers and the government.

• Not known to have ever been involved in scandals, sexual abuse.

• Unregulated because they are safe—therefore exorbitant College fees are not passed to the patient/client.

• Costing the taxpayer ZERO dollars.

• Save the Ontario Healthcare system $7-10 billion annually.

• Paying HST, property taxes and income tax and contributing to community.

• Treating clients as equals and important, valued human beings.

So, why is Premier Wynne working so hard to eliminate 10,000 holistic and mental health professionals from Ontario (mostly women) — to the point of passing unlawful legislation and undermining our democracy?

• Strictly because we are all of the above!

• Medical supremacists do not ever want competition or the public to be able to compare outcomes of the slash/burn/drug approach with natural, dignified, effective, life-giving natural health approaches and education.

The medical/pharmaceutical industry cannot allow the public to make their own decisions, get well and healthy, and especially they cannot allow people to learn the healthcare horrors caused by those who want full control of what they see as their commodity to profit from…YOU and US.

When healthcare professionals are unregulated, they can tell you the truth. When they are regulated for no reason but to assert control, they are fully gagged…as we see just happened with Naturopaths who are now prescribing drugs and prevented from telling you the TRUTH about pharmaceutical products, such as vaccine damage.

Psychiatrists are drugging newborns by the tens of thousands, drugging and permanently brain-damaging toddlers and school children by the millions and are now pushing to bring back brain-damaging electroshock. There is not a single iota of science to back their claims and no evidence of any improvement in their patient’s situation.

Meanwhile psychologists and psychiatrists are pushing to have daydreaming, and our determination to eat healthy, added as mental illness diagnoses. And you are listed as ‘non-compliant with treatment’ if you no longer want to continue treatments that are damaging you.

Trade deals are ensuring that all foods, such as garlic, will be available by prescription only (just as Vitamin D is now).

With your help, we can stop this madness together.


March 21, 2016

Here’s Why We Are All in Grave Danger as Medical/Pharmaceutical Industry Takes Control of Ontario Healthcare

If we allow Ontario Premier Wynne to eliminate natural therapies and holistic professionals through her unlawful legislation and unnecessary, expensive, tyrannical Regulatory Colleges, we will have only one choice in mental healthcare – the medical model.

Here is the track record of the self-appointed medical supremacists she wants to sell our health and lives to (if you don’t like your odds, please contribute at http://www.stoppsychotherapytakeover.ca/donations/):

• Physicians are more than twice as likely as the general population to commit suicide;

• Psychiatrists commit suicide at twice the rate of general physicians;

• 1 in 4 psychologists consider suicide at least once, and 1 in 16 admit to attempted suicide at least one time;

• of the physicians who committed suicide, 42% had been seeing a conventional mental health professional at the time of death;

• since governments in North America have become involved in promoting mental healthcare and streaming children and adults alike to psychiatrists and psychologists for treatment, the suicide rate has doubled;

• the conventional health system creates 4-5 times more drug addicts then street drug pushers;

• the rates of addictions, depression, divorce and substance abuse are higher for conventional health care professions then the general population;

• not a single mental illness diagnosis is supported by science, not one psychiatric drug has been independently shown to be safe and effective, and most psychiatric drugs cause liver and other organ damage and many come with black-box warnings for increased risk of suicide and homicide. All cause brain-damage;

• not one of the 261 psychological theories have ever been shown to resolve emotional/mental illness situations;

• daydreaming and an ‘obsession’ with eating healthy foods are to be designated mental illnesses;

• conventional treatments for so-called mental illness have been proven to worsen outcomes, including causing major organ damage, permanent brain damage and dementia, epidemics of suicide, homicide and disability. Most veteran suicides were by those under psychiatric drug treatment, as is the case with youth suicide. 80% of incarcerated Canadian women are forced onto addictive psychiatric drugs and a high percentage of incarcerated men are maintained on addictive drugs; newborns by the thousands are now diagnosed with ‘anxiety’ and treated with unapproved psychiatric drugs, masking neglect, sexual and other abuse and preventing normal child development and expression;

• a woman is statistically at greater risk of being raped while on a psychiatrist’s couch than while jogging alone at night through a city park;

• in a British study of therapist-patient sexual contact among psychologists, 25 percent reported having treated a patient who had been sexually involved with another therapist.

• a 2001 study reported that one out of twenty clients who had been sexually abused by their conventional therapist was a minor, the average age being 7 for girls and 12 for boys. The youngest child was three;

• psychologists designed and oversaw the torture programs at Guantanamo Bay;

• psychiatrists are working to bring permanently brain-damaging ‘electroshock therapy’ back into mental healthcare treatments;

• iatrogenic illness is the leading cause of death and disability in America. Iatrogenic illness is any harm, intentional and unintentional, caused by conventional medical treatment. Currently, based on voluntary reporting by doctors, 1,000,000 people die annually in North America due to medical treatment. Many researchers have extrapolated that if adverse event reporting were made mandatory, as it is in most other industries, the rate of death caused by conventional medical treatment would be 8,000,000 per year…far in excess of Hitler’s rate of 6,000,000 in 4 years;

• the overall incidence rate of adverse events of 7.5% in one study suggests that, of the almost 2.5 million annual hospital admissions in Canada similar to the type studied, about 185,000 are associated with an adverse event and close to 70,000 of these are preventable;

• prescription drugs used as prescribed are the fourth leading cause of death in Canada – leading to approximately ten thousand deaths a year and causing 100,000 serious injuries. Yet 70% of these deaths are preventable.

There is no history of harm done by any alternative treatment.

If YOU agree that we must preserve holistic, energy and natural spiritual care alternatives for those who don’t like the odds, please check out www.StopPsychotherapyTakeover.ca where you can contribute in multiple ways to our efforts to ensure we can all choose for ourselves.

(Sources: Health Care Policy Studies, Sept 2009 ‘Unnatural Regulation: Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy in Canada’ by Cynthia Ramsay, Fraser Institute) Harper Government Launches Plain Language Labelling Initiative to Improve Drug Safety for Canadians, June 2013 Press Release, Minister of Health; Medscape: Physicians are not Invincible: Rates of Psychosocial Problems Among Physicians: http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/410643_2 and Psychology Today: Why Shrinks Have Problems http://www.psychologytoday.com/articles/200909/why-shrinks-have-problems ; CCHR International http://www.cchr.org/cchr-reports/psychiatric-rape/introduction.html; CMAJ. 2004 May 25;170(11):1678-86. The Canadian Adverse Events Study: the incidence of adverse events among hospital patients in Canada by Baker GR et al)


March1, 2016

Premier Wynne’s favorite saying is putting us all in grave danger!

When Premier Wynne wants to force her corporation-friendly horrors on Ontarians, she typically excuses her undemocratic behavior with ‘legislation and regulation is required to protect the public interest’.

This is the case yet again as she hands over all mental healthcare (including spiritual care) to psychologists, psychiatrists and drug companies.

Not once will she answer just what the public requires HER protection from besides her tyranny.

Not once will she provide the mandatory proof that the public needs protection before imposing on our personal liberties and healthcare choices, especially the choice to have non-drug therapies.

Not once has she proven that her government is in fact morally and ethically equipped to ‘protect’ anyone, even if someone did ask for this psychotherapy legislation (no one has).

We are working hard at exposing the truth and trying to protect the public from healthcare fraud, but we are not accustomed to asking for funding…this is new to us.  Please help with whatever financial contributions you can spare and donate at the link in the menu to your right. Also, PRINT OFF THE FORMAL PETITION and help us gather signatures to be taken to the Ontario Legislature.

On Feb 13, 2016, we sent Premier Wynne a detailed letter with a chronology of events detailing the creation by her government of what might end up being another Ontario healthcare scandal–with a copy to 6 Ministry of Health Policy Analysts, as well as to the present Minister of Health.

We attached a breakdown of the dirty little secrets and exposed the activities of the new College of Registered Psychotherapists (CRPO) that are unlawful and unjust.

We showed how the superior laws themselves make the psychotherapy legislation unlawful from the get-go, and how the law does not permit the controlling of an entire profession, as is being forced on Ontarians by the Controlled Act of Psychotherapy.

We laid out all the evidence showing that from it’s conception in the mind of one psychologist who bent the ear of the then Minister of Health in 2001 to 2006, every step was dishonest, deliberately violated the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991 and violated practically every personal liberty guaranteed by our Constitution. Today, the Minister is telling 6 groups they can divvy up the spoils of this tyranny.

What did we get for our troubles?

On the same day that Premier Wynne was defending the raising of drug costs to Toronto Star reporters (February 27, 2016, page A6), she sent us one of her short, dismissive letters claiming that all this unlawfulness is necessary to protect the public! See it here.


First, we are obviously talking to a block wall.

Second, that block wall has no respect for any Ontarian affected by her decision to ‘protect’ us by eliminating from the healthcare scene, the very drug-less therapies and professionals that are saving the healthcare system some $7-10 billion annually—and NOT COSTING THE TAXPAYER A SINGLE CENT.

Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities. — Voltaire

It is absolutely absurd that Premier Wynne and her merry band of tyrants are best suited to make our healthcare choices for us, particularly when her government’s policies are now causing massive cutbacks in front-line healthcare provision, while the healthcare system is imploding from entirely unwarranted and unjustified bureaucracy-creation.



March 9, 2016

Stop Psychotherapy Takeover on ‘The Conspiracy Show’

On Sunday March 6th, Stop Psychotherapy Takeover’s Team Leader, Grace Joubarne, was interviewed by Richard Syrett of The Conspiracy Show, on 740AM. 

You can stream or download the audio file here.

To download the file, right-click on the ‘Download’ button and select ‘Save Link As’.

February 10, 2016

David Rockefeller has 2 goals: they both involve YOU!

David Rockefeller has two goals: for him to succeed you need to be ill and die:

  • Control every human activity and all resources worldwide.
  • Depopulate the world to 500 million people by 2035 (he is a proud eugenicist).

In his 2033 Memoirs he wrote:

 “Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure-one world, if you will. If that is the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”

His Plan for US must fail:  Help now at www.stoppsychotherapytakeover.ca

What does that have to do your health and Ontario’s biased and imploding healthcare system, you might ask?

As we will show, a state of healthcare dictatorship has evolved in Ontario since 1992 when Brian Mulroney signed the Rio Accord without a mandate of the people of Canada, and if Ontario folks do not get actively involved in reversing this situation, we are ‘toast’ as they say.


David Rockefeller made his first billion in oil. He realized that (a) pharmaceutical drugs are petroleum-based products, (b) they made people worse instead of better and (c) pesky natural treatments stood in the way of his making more billions.

And so he set out to eliminate all competing natural treatments that could not be patented.

Prior to Rockefeller’s influence, all medical schools taught homeopathy and natural treatments as the premier approach.  His strategy for changing this was to ‘endow’ medical schools with ‘donations’ on the condition that he set curriculum.  Thus was born the medical-model and the suppression of all natural approaches that could not be patented.

Medical colleges today refuse to even teach natural nutrition and prohibit all referral to natural treatments, while Health Canada (without mandate) vilifies and outlaws thousands of valuable  natural health products and conducts armed raids of the homes of natural product providers.

Undeniably a psychopathic visionary, he saw the financial benefit of medicalizing every human emotion and reaction to life …and so was born the ‘psychiatry’ bible called the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, the greatest work of fiction ever contrived, and the ‘mental illness’ industry.

Seventy-five years later, not a single mental illness diagnosis has been supported by scientific evidence and the author of the recent edition stated the DSM was all “BS” (his words, well published worldwide). Every year, more human activities are added as mental illnesses: grief, sadness, jealousy and soon, daydreaming and affinity for healthy food. Mental illness is marketed as being the same as ‘brain injured’.

Then the cradle-to-grave illness plan unfolded. Now we see newborns, toddlers, and children by the thousands drugged with brain-damaging psychiatric drugs for ‘anxiety’.  We also see epidemics of infertility (which spawned a whole new industry for him), sexual dysfunction (another industry), drugging of seniors, the dementia epidemic (an industry caused by psychiatric drugs) and we could go on.

In 2015, medical treatment is the leading cause of death and disability in North America, children for the first time in recorded history will not live as long as their parents, and CANADIANS have become the #1 pill-popping nation in the world.  Oh, and medical treatment is now also creating 4-5 times more drug addicts than illegal drug pushers.

The next part of the plan was to introduce INTERNATIONAL (aka one-world) REGULATIONS for every aspect of human activity. Once the 1992 Rio Accord was signed, in came the medical-model professions (psychologists, psychiatrists/MDs) to share the spoils and do their best to advance diagnoses and pharma drugs. This required that an International Training Centre be developed to teach officials of sovereign nations how to deal with pesky bureaucrats who kept trying to protect personal liberties and the healthcare system in democratic countries.

Enter The Council on Licensure, Enforcement and Regulation (CLEAR), an international body.  CLEAR now  teaches Canadian Regulatory College officials how to obfuscate, misrepresent and just plain ‘regulate’ as a shadow government, as though the Constitution and the RHPA (in Ontario) did not exist.

The purpose of the trade deals, as we all know by now, is not to increase employment, but to privatize every human activity in the hands of multi-nationals owned by, you guessed it, Rockefeller and friends.

Especially, the TISA and TPP are designed to reduce all healthcare across the world to the medical-model approach, fully controlled and regulated by International Regulations designed for the benefit of …you guessed it again, multinationals owned by Rockefeller and gang.

In order for this privatization of your body and mind from cradle-to-grave to see the light of day, all natural approaches must be eliminated.  Rockefeller’s famous saying:   Competition is Sin! 

Ontario has been set as the ‘ground zero’ from the moment the Rio Accord was signed by Mulroney in 1992. Here are the words of those in the know:

 APTI (Association of Psychotherapy Training Institutes, newly formed once the legislation was being rammed through): “The initiative in Ontario to recognize and regulate psychotherapy as a distinct profession is a relatively pioneering endeavour in the global context; it is an extremely important endeavour- and the world is watching.”

Everyone knew of the failed track record of psychology and psychiatry by 1992, so the plan required that a brand new profession, to be defined as desired by the ‘International gang’, had to be manufactured.

Immediately in 1992, medical-model professionals started to ‘spirit-wash’ their professions, by appropriating all manner of approaches to health and wellness formerly called quackery by psychologists, psychiatrists and the medical profession in general.  A psychologist and lay psychotherapist founded Toronto’s Transformational Arts College and started teaching ‘spiritual psychotherapy’.  (Rather than mobilizing to resist legislative attacks on the spiritual care community, this couple public