On December 20th, 2017, I received a telephone inquiry that, especially in light of the controlled act proclamation, I strongly suspect was made under false pretext by someone working for CRPO, the Ministry, or someone else connected with the controlled act.

The caller claimed to be interested in my Reiki classes, but gave off an oddly aggressive vibe, very unusual compared to a typical Reiki inquiry.  

Showing no interest in Reiki itself, this woman instead asked many questions about setting up a business after taking my Level 1 class, then went around in circles repeatedly asking whether I treat people with depression.  

I responded each time that it would be a human rights violation to deny someone service based on their mental health status.  

I also stated that, to my knowledge, the controlled act of psychotherapy that is designed to destroy the holistic healthcare industry to big-pharma’s benefit had not yet been proclaimed and that it would be unlawful if it is proclaimed.

Suddenly, while I was in mid sentence, the call was disconnected and the person never called back.  

I was extremely uneasy with this caller, and suspicious at the time.  The next day, upon receiving CRPO’s email regarding the proclamation, there was little doubt left in my mind that this had been a false-pretext call, and that other practitioners will be receiving such inquiries.

— Christine Massey, Reiki Teacher/Practitioner, January 7th, 2018