We are so sad to inform you of the passing of a truly legendary figure in the Canadian Healthcare Freedom movement.

Trueman Tuck led countless initiatives against, in his apt words, “the illegal bullying and the malicious regulatory activities of Health Canada, Canadian Border Services Agency and Canadian Food Inspection Agency“.

He had many remarkable successes in beating back those malicious attacks on behalf of all of us who value and reply upon safe, natural healthcare products and services.

Trueman was also SPT’s most recent legal advisor and the author of the legal opinion posted here.

He was also extremely active in the international movement to preserve unalienable human rights, freedoms and liberties.

Trueman was tireless, passionate and fearless.

He will be sorely missed.

R.I.P. Trueman. Thank you for all you did.


Well-known citizens’ rights activist Trueman Tuck dies at 69


Trueman and SPT’s Grace Joubarne were interviewed earlier this year on MindVault TV